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Combat miner flies - biological agents: biological

Instead, it offers the use of biological agents that provide a quick remedy in the right combination.


Minier flies themselves do not harm plants. Their larvae, on the other hand, can eat whole foliage thanks to their great appetite. An infestation with the larvae of Minier fly is expressed by discolored feeding passages in the leaf centers, but not through holes. The margins are rarely eaten. Here are the pests between the Blattober- and -unterfl├Ąche, are therefore difficult to reach from the outside. With closer control in the garden, it quickly becomes apparent that many plants are affected. That's no reason to panic. Minier flies are widespread. Only when the colonization of the leaves is over, an intervention makes sense.


The first step in biological control of the leaf fly is the removal of the affected leaves. For this purpose, it is sufficient to cut or peel them off. After that they must not get to the compost. From here, the annoying pests would directly launch the next attack. Instead, it is important to dispose of the leaves safely. For this purpose, it can be either airtight packed in plastic bags in the household waste or placed in a suitable recycling center. As the miners fly quickly, the control and, if necessary, the removal of the foliage should take place approximately every three days.

Nettle liquid manure

Fast and with little effort to produce the nettle manure. This can be used as irrigation water and fulfills three tasks. For one, it acts as a deterrent on miner flies. Therefore, it can act as a prevention and prevent the pests from spreading further in the garden. However, nettle manure can also be used to treat a current infestation.
In addition, the infusion acts as a nutrient-rich solution that fertilizes the plant. Especially if this is already weakened by a longer existing infestation of flycatcher larvae, this can mean the decisive difference between successful fighting and entering. The recipe for the nettle slurry is very simple:
  1. Chop or cut a clump of nettles into small pieces.
  2. Put the plant pieces in a bucket, a barrel, a rain barrel or directly in a watering can.
  3. Fill the chosen vessel with water.
  4. Leave this infusion outdoors for at least a week.
The larger the stinging content and the longer the mixture permeates, the more concentrated it is. The infusion changes color after a few days and begins to smell strongly, hence the name "Jauche".


Minier fly - Agromyzidae

Minier flies are found in almost every garden. If there are sufficient predators of these pests, they are usually not noticed. Only when the beneficial insects are missing, the injurious larvae can prevail. Therefore, it makes little sense to resort to chemical pesticides. Because they also destroy the beneficials. In the long term, therefore, they favor the miners and other pests because they can multiply more rapidly and faster than their enemies. Instead, the beneficial insects should be prepared a pleasant environment. It is therefore necessary to avoid traps and chemical agents in the garden. In order to produce the natural equilibrium faster, appropriate beneficials can be re-integrated into the garden. Best directly on the affected plant. Suitable and effective are:
  • braconids
  • parasitic wasps
  • chalcids
These can be purchased commercially and combat the infestation targeted to the cause. This is not to be feared that they in turn trigger a plague. Because as soon as there are no longer sufficient pests as food, they move on. Tip: If the infected plant is a large tree, bush or shrub, it should first be demarcated with a close-meshed net to the outside. If the beneficials are placed on the plant under this net, they must automatically concentrate on the larvae. That speeds up the effect.

Middle with pyrethrum

If the beneficial organisms are unsuccessful or can not be used because of an allergy or the situation on the balcony, another biological agent is available. It is an extract of plants, more specifically of chrysanthemums. This ingredient is available under the name pyrethrum and is included in a variety of pesticides and pesticides. It has a strong deterrent and dehydrating effect on pests, but is harmless to other animals and humans. Useful forms of administration in case of infestations with miner flies are sticks that can be inserted into the substrate and sprays. Both forms have both advantages and disadvantages, which is why a combination is recommended. The rods release their active ingredient in the substrate, where it is taken up by the roots and then acts on the inside of the plant.This is effective because the larvae are in the leaves. However, depending on the size of the plant, at least a few days until the effect is expected. Unlike the spray. This is applied externally and works immediately. In the larvae of Minier fly but only limited, as they are difficult to reach from the outside.


To proceed with fats against Minierfliegen, magmerkw├╝rdig appear. However, they are as biological and effective as the pyrethrum. In fact, they are not fats but fatty acids. They too are used as a basis for pesticides and crop protection and are harmless to humans and animals. Some remedies explicitly pay attention to compatibility with other beneficial insects. For example, bees are protected by these products.


The best pesticide is not a pesticide at all. This should also apply to biological agents and the fight against miner fly. So first, a combination of removal and beneficials should be tried. Only if this procedure does not bring success, the use of further means makes sense. If the plants are neither too much nor too little cared for and welcome beneficials, creates a natural balance and resources can be dispensed with.

Worth knowing about Minierfliegen shortly

Miner flies can become a real plague due to their large numbers and their rapid spread. However, those who use biological agents in combating them can quickly become masters and even prevent further infestations in the long term.
  • Minierfliegen are two-winged and belong to the subordination of the flies.
  • These are very small flies, they are only two to three millimeters in size.
  • Minier flies feed on plant juices, which they suck through punctures from the plants.
  • The larvae of the fly make good damage to the leaves of the plant.
  • These are regular courses in the leaves, which stand out for their lighter color.
  • The larva eats the inner tissue of the leaf and thus creates a corridor.
  • The small larva is usually found at the end of the corridor.
Through this feeding, the larvae affect one hand, the plants in their growth and also deface them. Cuttings and seedlings can die off in case of heavy infestation. Ashen flowers, chrysanthemums, feverfew and various other daisy family members are the most frequently affected. The Minier fly itself is harmless, except that it provides through the oviposition for a retransmission.
  • If the number of affected leaves is not so high, it is best to remove the affected leaves and destroy them (not on the compost), so that the larvae can not develop further.
  • With yellow glue boards you can catch the adult animals and thus control the infestation. The panels should be replaced regularly.
  • As a reliable opponent of miner fly, parasitic wasps have proved. They parasitize the fly larvae by the females with their laying drill each put an egg in a larva.
The wasp hatches inside the larva and eats it from the inside. The Minier fly pupates and is only now completely killed. The fully developed parasitic wasp hatches from the miner fly puppet. With the use of the parasitic wasps should be started when the first feeding points or Minierg├Ąnge on the leaves become visible. Their use is possible from March to October. In case of heavy infestation about 5 adult parasitic wasps per square meter are needed. The wasps can be obtained directly from the internet.

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