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Water gardens in tubs, tubs and troughs are especially popular as decoration elements for small gardens. Unlike larger garden ponds, mini ponds in pots or vats can completely freeze in winter. This not only threatens to burst the vessels, and also the roots of aquatic plants suffer. Water lily, swan-flower, marsh iris and other pond plants, which you know as frost hardy, do not hold out a freeze for weeks. They should now be prepared for the cold season, so you can enjoy it again in the next season.

Water salad in a container

Exotics like the water salad should be brought into the house before the first frost. They are overwintered in a bucket while swimming

Lower water level in winter

To prevent freezing of the pond and freezing of the water plants in the winter, a frost-free location is important. To do this, drain the water in the minitool down to a few centimeters and place it in a cool but frost-free room. If there is little space or if the trough is too heavy, you can drain the water completely and place the plants in individual buckets with the cups. These are then filled to the top of the pots with water and also brought into a cool winter quarters. Check the mini pond or buckets regularly and replace the evaporated water in time. The ideal wintering temperature is just over zero to ten degrees. It should not be warmer, especially in dark winter quarters, because otherwise the metabolism of the plants is stimulated and then they suffer from light deficiency.

The water lily belongs in every pond

Many varieties of dwarf water lilies are not reliably frost hardy and must therefore be wintered indoors

Depending on the weather, the plants can be taken out of the cellar in April or May. If necessary, they are then divided and cut off old leaves and plant remains. Freshly repotted in lattice pots with Teicherde you put them back into the mini pond.

Winterize the vessels and pumps correctly

If you use a wooden tub as a mini pond, it must not dry out in winter - otherwise the boards, the so-called staves, will shrink and the vessel will leak. Other containers should be cleaned for a short while and kept dry in the garden shed. Teared out containers made of zinc or plastic can easily tolerate a few degrees of freezing. However, they should not be overwintered outdoors as the material will unnecessarily suffer from temperature changes, moisture and UV light.

Water games in mini pond are usually driven by small submersible pumps. You must not freeze in winter, as the expanding ice can damage the mechanical components. Even drying out is not optimal in winter, because then there is a high risk that dried-on dirt in the pump housing block the conveyor wheel. You should clean the equipment from the outside before wintering, let it run for a few minutes in a bucket of clean water and then overwinter like the plants in a filled bucket of water frost-free.


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