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Put it in a zinc pan: plants

Of course, the zinc tub should be tight, or if this is not the case, this can also be designed with pond liner. It is important that the location is chosen so that the tub is safe. This is especially relevant for balconies, here it must withstand the exposure to water, stones and planting. Of course, this also applies to the garden, because a soft ground would eventually give way.

The location is crucial

Before you can start, the location should be well chosen. It is best not to place the zinc tub under trees or shrubs, otherwise the small mini pond will have to be cleaned from falling leaves too often. Even a location directly in the sun is not necessarily recommended, because this way too many algae are formed. Although a little sun does not hurt, but not the entire day over. Ideal is about 6 hours a day, so that then the pond is not so quickly full of algae. When the correct location is found, the stones should be inserted. For this purpose, a layer of a mixture of sand and gravel is suitable. Small steps loosen up the picture and planting is easier afterwards. This can be done easily with bricks.

Proper planting saves work

Algae production can be avoided for the most part by selecting the right plants. These plants include the water plague, the pondweed and the needlewort. These plants bring oxygen into the water, preventing algae from forming. As a result, a water pump can be saved, whereby the zinc pan can be parked in the ideal place. Because there is no need for a power connection, nor do any maintenance work. For this purpose, the planting vessels should be laid out with flow and then a bit of Teicherde on it. So that the earth can not be washed out, it is best to cover the plants with gravel. Then start the underwater plants such as the water plague. The fact that this plant produces oxygen ensures a balanced ratio in the zinc tub.

Plant the edge of the zinc pan

Finally, the edge of the zinc tray is planted with marsh or wetland plants. These include, for example, the watercress or pine fronds. These also surround the edge of the zinc tub, making the mini pond a green oasis. If there is algae growth despite proper planting, pond snails can cope with this problem quickly. However, these small ponds are usually unsuitable for fish, as these would lead to algae. Some splashes of color can still conjure up mini-pond roses. Also this flower can be put into small ponds in small baskets. This is how an old zinc tub becomes a real eye-catcher, especially if it is divided into different zones like a natural pond.

The mini pond in the zinc tub has its own ecosystem

Water lily dragonfly

Due to the correct planting, this small pond is its own ecosystem that needs nothing more. It is important that small steps are installed, as well as the plants have different requirements. All plants can be planted in baskets and are therefore easy to care for, even if the pond is to be cleaned. This way, all plants can be quickly and easily removed from the mini pond. Because every now and then comes leaves or other dirt in the water and then cleaning is important. Otherwise it can lead to unpleasant odors that are so easy to avoid. Also has to be looked at the water level, because this evaporates. For the plants already need water, as this is their habitat. By evaporation, which is always lost, unless it has just rained extensively.

A nice place to relax

Such a small pond in the zinc tub creates a nice place to relax. Especially through the right selection of plants, then without any technology. Just create a little paradise with nature. Of course, this little pond will also discover the birds, because here they can drink. But that's the beauty of nature, because the pond with its own ecosystem is good for everyone. Such a small pond can also be planted in old planters, as well as in the zinc tub. Of course, it should always be checked first if the container is waterproof. If not just lay out first with pond liner and then with the gravel that has been mixed with sand. But it is also important that there are small steps in the pond as each plant needs a different water level. The pond then becomes colorful through the pond roses, because these are available in the most dazzling colors.

Little effort leads to success

With just a few steps, everyone can create a pond in the zinc tub. All the important aids such as pond liner, gravel and sand are available in the various hardware stores. Just like the bricks, so that the different plants can be used.Also important is the suitable location, because too much sun promotes algae growth. More than 6 hours a day does not tolerate this ecosystem. Therefore, partial shade is the optimal location, which of course benefits humans in turn. No one needs chemicals to keep the pond clean. Unfortunately, such a pond in the zinc tub is too small for fish. But other animals will quickly discover this and fill it with life. A little oasis of absolute peace.

Worth knowing about mini ponds in a nutshell

It does not need a well-equipped garden pond, so you can let yourself be tempted to dream during the spring or in the summer of soft rippling. Thus, the mini pond in contrast to the biotope is a real alternative dar. Even in the smallest space, it is an attractive eye-catcher and still offers space for a variety of animal and vegetable residents.
Advantages of a zinc pan
Basically, almost any vessel can be used to create a mini pond. In general, enjoy wine barrels or discarded, spacious flower pots for this popularity. But a zinc pan is a real eye-catcher in any case.
  • Especially by its slightly bluish to silver color makes her in many outdoor area a lot.
  • It is only important that the zinc container is waterproof and has a minimum height of about 20 to 50 cm.
Tip: Even a discarded zinc pan, which is leaking at one point or another, could be converted into a mini-pond. The solution is the careful laying out of the tub with pond liner!
Construction of a mini pond
  • Depending on the planned size of the mini pond, it is advisable to determine the respective load before placing it on the balcony.
  • Because the fact is that the water, the plants and the stones altogether can certainly produce a considerable weight.
  • Incidentally, the zinc tray should not be placed under a tree because of any falling leaves.
Too fast would pollute the water, premature cleaning would be the result. It is also worth knowing that a sunny location is not necessarily an advantage. Because in this way the formation of algae is favored. An aspect that has always been a thorn in the side of many pond owners. Because this could mean the "off" for some plants. In addition, excessive algae growth significantly affects the appearance of the mini pond.
Plant life in the zinc pan
Nature often knows how to help itself very well. Of course, this also applies to the mini pond in the zinc tub. For example, in order to avoid the additional installation of a water pump (to save costs and to exclude any repair work) it makes sense to use oxygenating aquatic plants right from the start.
In this regard, for example, the needlewort, waterweed or spawning herb are mentioned. Just as popular highlights are the Wasserschwertlilie or the fir fronds. Other, optical "delicacies" in a mini pond are also the red, the pink or the white water lily. Experienced pond owners use for the placement of their mini pond especially the arrowhead or the pike.
Tip: Anyone who uses the plants separately in a water-permeable flower pot will certainly be able to save a great deal of work during the subsequent cleaning of the "paradise in the zinc tub".

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