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Whether in the small garden, on the balcony or on the terrace: The mini pond is a welcome alternative to the water garden. Due to limited water volume, it is important to properly care for the mini pond. Because only clear water and vital aquatic plants in the trough or in the zinc tub make the hobby gardener joy and are the prerequisite for a healthy balance in the mini pond.

High water temperatures favor algae

In order to maintain the biological balance in the miniature pond for a long time, you should regularly cut out dead and dried plant parts with pruning shears - otherwise they pollute the water, begin to rot and promote algae growth. Increased water temperatures during the summer months also lead to algae growth - a seasonal problem that can not be completely avoided.

Remove duckweed

The small duckweed tends to spread quickly. That's why regular fishing is advisable. Very handy for this is an old kitchen sieve

An ideal location for the mini pond is therefore a sheltered place, which is in the shade during the hot midday hours, but receives sunlight for the rest of the day. Filamentous algae in miniature pond indicate calcareous water.

Further care tips for miniature oak

Due to the high evaporation in the summer water should be refilled if necessary - tap water is usually sufficient. Fresh water also adds fresh oxygen to the already existing water in the minitool, which makes it difficult for the algae to grow. Our tip: A small water feature has the same effect. This not only looks decorative, the mellow lapping also has a relaxing and invigorating effect. A small downer: They must then renounce the planting of water lilies, since they do not get the water movements.

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