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The miracle berry is called botanically Synsepalum dulcificum. The plant is an evergreen tree or shrub that can reach a maximum height of 4.5 meters. In bloom, the plant has white flowers. If the location is good, the berry will bloom again and again throughout the year. The tree produces red berries that are visually reminiscent of cherries and reach between 2 and 3 cm in length. The berries take about two months to mature.
Where does the plant grow?
The berry grows in humid to tropical climates. Originally the berry comes from West Africa. There they get fruits twice a year, which are trained after the rainy season. An acidic soil without frost and a lot of moisture is a condition.
If the plant is to be grown in Germany, it can best thrive in a greenhouse or conservatory in west or south facing. Here it is not so cool and the air can be moistened. Every now and then should be fertilized with micronutrients. The hibernation must be guaranteed at least 18 degrees Celsius, in order to receive the miracle berry in the next year. It grows slowly and is therefore also suitable as a potted plant. Once a year, then the Umtopfung done in the next larger vessel.
The soil should, if possible, not be acidic and be fertilized regularly.
Propagation and care
The cores can be used for offspring. Best stuck quickly in moist soil, since the germination is only a short time available. After a good two months, the first seedlings show up. The rearing should be done in any case in a tropical climate. Here is a small greenhouse a good investment. This can also be used for the cultivation of other plants and flowers.
The miracle berry should be poured only moderately with water. Sometimes the right relationship has to be found out first. Waterlogging does not tolerate waterlogging and can do so in a relatively short time.
Who wants to put the miracle berry on the terrace or balcony, it should spray several times a day with water to simulate a tropical climate. The wonderful berry is due to their claims, also usable as a houseplant. It thrives best in warm temperatures and with high humidity. In general, it is conceivable to spray the miracle berry with water in warm weather, to wrap around a plant foil and thus to simulate the tropical climate.
If possible, monthly fertilization should be used to ensure that all nutrients are present to help the berry grow and thrive.
The plant as a gift or at the party
The trend to give away the wonderful berry has come from the US to Germany. Here it is best suited as a gift, as the effect of the berries is miraculous and unknown to most people. Since the plant grows slowly and can live in a top or bucket, it is equally suitable for residents of apartments and houses.
The berry is also suitable as a substitute for sweeteners, in diabetics as well as in weight loss. The Miraculin causes no cravings and is therefore a pleasant, flavorful companion. In tablet form, this can already be ordered on the Internet and used in tea, coffee or juice. The effect lasts up to two hours after taking the tablets, so that more, sour fruits or other foods can be enjoyed. The enjoyment of the fruit can be taken as fresh or dried fruit or tablet form.
It can also be made parties on which the miracle berry is offered as a miracle. Guests will be amazed by the result of the change in taste and have fun. Here, after enjoying a core, lemons, grapefruits and even limes can be perceived as pleasantly sweet.
With the help of the miracle berry many, new recipe ideas can be implemented, which failed so far because the amount of sugar and sweetener would be too high.
The miracle berry itself produces the substance Miraculin, which exerts an attracting effect on various birds. The Miraculin itself ensures that an acidic taste is perceived as sweet after a short time. In Africa, this effect has already been exploited to make sour food more delicious. The effect of miraculine is surprisingly simple and is based on the action of a glycoprotein, which alters the taste perception. Spicy taste can not be perceived otherwise, here the miraculin has no effect. With salty foods, the perception of the strength of the salt content may increase.
With the help of Miraculin even the sourest lemon can turn into a tasty orange. Only one berry needs to be eaten beforehand and the taste of all sour foods is perceived as unusually sweet for hours after consumption. The miracle berries can stay in the fridge for a few days, but they can not freeze because they lose their properties.
Care soon
The plant itself can easily be cultivated in the garden. It is up to 1.5 m high and should be in a sunny or partially shaded place. It is recommended to plant the miracle berry in a bucket as it can not overwinter outdoors. Since the Mirakelfrucht is native to the tropics, it tolerates no frost and must be frost-free in any case in winter. When the miracle berry is an evergreen plant, so a hibernation in the apartment as a house plant makes sense. From the seeds of the berry new shrubs can be grown. The cultivation of seeds is very complicated and requires horticultural knowledge. For the cultivation a greenhouse is necessary, since one must create a tropical climate for the seeds and the planting plants.
In terms of the texture of the soil, the miracle berry is not very demanding. It is enough a normal soil, which is offset with humus. In addition, the pH of the soil should be at least 4.5. In addition, one should pour the miracle berry (Mirakelfrucht) moderately. Waterlogging does not tolerate waterlogging, but it requires a high level of humidity. If you want to put the miracle berry on the terrace, you should therefore spray the plant regularly with water on hot days several times a day. Due to the demands of temperature and humidity, it is also possible to use the miracle berry exclusively as a houseplant.
Although the care of the miracle berry due to the high humidity is very time-consuming, but rewarded for the plant with bright red berries, which it trains twice a year. For sweetening food and drinks only the berries are used.

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