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The Content Of The Article: Now you finally have your new little apartment, the decor is almost complete, but you still need a closet. However, especially in small rooms, large furniture quickly becomes powerful. But what to do if in some cases you can not avoid the big furniture? For example, in the bedroom - there has to be a wardrobe, and usually has impressive dimensions. Of course all the more when several people have to put their clothes in it.
For such cases, a mirror cabinet is often the only right decision. In a mirror cabinet, the doors are partially or completely covered with mirrors. Advisable for small rooms are mirror cabinets whose front consists entirely of mirrors. In order to use the visually increasing spatial effect of the mirror cabinet sensibly, it is important not to set it up against a rather restlessly furnished wall. The unrest is reflected in the mirror cabinet and makes the room look even smaller than it already is.
It is particularly nice when the wall, which is reflected in the mirror cabinet, is colored or z. B. acts marbled in a wiping technique. This immerses the room in a warm harmonious light, whereas creating white walls often easily reflects a hospital atmosphere.
In the planning of residential buildings is often saved in terms of bathroom size,
so that other rooms can be made more generous. Therefore
to think in advance how the required storage space can be sensibly created and later used optimally. As a result of a gender-based increase in awareness of personal hygiene and the fact that the bathroom is becoming more than just a clean place for "cleansing the body", the demands on the bathroom have changed as well.
Quality products at a reasonable price, which at the same time create a nice ambience, have priority for more and more customers.
Mirror cabinets can also be an alternative here. They come in many different versions: either made of wood or plastic and some of the two side doors can be pivoted so that you can also look at his hairstyle from the back and his hair can be styled accordingly.
But not to forget: every piece of furniture needs a certain care. So that your "good piece", your new mirror cabinet gets the right care, you should always consider a lot: Splashes, drops and stains are easy to remove with a soft and dry cloth. Cosmetics and grease residues can be removed with a chamois leather and hot water without the addition of cleaning agents. Never use chemicals or window cleaners and most importantly: please do not place spray cans on the top of the mirror cabinet! Since lights develop heat during commissioning, there is a risk of explosion for spray cans in the immediate vicinity. If you follow these instructions, you will enjoy your mirror cabinet for a long time to come.
by Annett Biermann

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