Moderlieschen in the pond - Instructions to the attitude

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Moderlieschen in the pond - Instructions to the attitude: pond

When all the bridges break, these fish can survive quite well even in a puddle. So it does not get any better, if then other amenities are connected with it. Therefore, these fish in the attitude are also relatively simple and above all additionally useful in algae destruction.

Standing fresh water ideal for moderlieschen

Especially a garden pond with plant growth is ideal for these fish, because they love to stay near plants to seek protection there. These fish can also be placed in the smallest garden pond, because they adapt to the environment. Decisive is also the size of about 10 cm, which explains why this fish species can survive even in the smallest pond. This is a species of carpfish, all associated with a larger specimen. However, the moderlieschen for consumption is then a bit too small. Above all, it does not have to be relocated in winter, even if it is still cold. However, care should be taken that the pond does not freeze for a long time. There is a risk here that the fish will not be sufficiently supplied with oxygen. It is enough if holes are simply beaten into the ice over and over again.

The moderlieschen is on the red list

The fact that more and more ponds and ponds are drained, the habitat of the moderlieschens is endangered. So if you keep such fish in your pond, you not only get clean water, but you also do something for the preservation of this species. The moderlieschen really does not need much, because it can be nourished by a good deal alone. These include algae, hoppers, water fleas and mosquito larvae. Thus, the man is not tormented in the stagnant water by certain pests and the Moderlieschen has enough to feed. Of course, zooplankton can also be given in isolated cases. So that the fish always has enough to eat. Since this is a swarmfish, it can not live alone. But with its small size, more than just a fish can survive even in small containers.

Reproduction goes almost by itself

If the water temperature is at least 18° C, then the Moderlieschen can propagate. Thus, the fish stock is not only larger, but the preservation of this frugal animal is even more secured. It is important that the flock has at least 10 animals, the rest can then do the fish alone. Of course, simple commercial fish food can be fed, but they will continue to make one or the other jump for a fly. Especially those pest spirits who like to fly near the water and annoy people with bites, are eaten by the moderlieschen happy. This is how the water gets its life and insects are still being fed. Of course, these fish can also be used in a larger pond with other fish. Especially since the moderlieschen also likes to kill the algae, which otherwise annoy the people only and contaminate the pond. This can also be important if there are other fish in the pond. Here it can then come quickly to an increased algae formation, which in turn means a table laid for the moderlieschen.
Cut figure and scales that are blue-silver
The moderlieschen is certainly not an ugly fish, because the scales shimmer blue-silver and it has an elongated body. This sleek shape then also needs to be able to catch flies. Thus, these fish also offer a unique spectacle, which may otherwise be seen in a wildlife documentary. The fish and the food can be easily ordered on the Internet, or bought in stores. However, it is worthwhile to compare prices even with the moderlieschen, because there are enormous price differences. This also applies to fish food and often larger quantities are then even cheaper and will eventually be needed. Since a larger order can be worthwhile, especially if the Moderlieschen feels really good and the offspring is there. Therefore, always the minimum stock of 10 fish is sufficient, because if they feel good then there will certainly soon be offspring. Of course only if the pond is warm enough, but also here the fish is very frugal. An enrichment for any small or large pond, because the Moderlieschen can also be introduced to other fish.

Simple attitude are the strengths of the moderlieschens

Especially this simple attitude makes it easy for beginners, because this fish really does not need much. The only claim is sufficient oxygen in the water and plants to hide. As long as the water has more than 18° C, it works well with the offspring. In winter, the fish do not have to be implemented, because these keep our temperatures off easily. Of course, attention must be paid to sufficient oxygen in the water.Therefore, the pond must not be frozen for several days. But this is only a small effort to hit some holes in the ice. For the moderlieschen ensures a moving pond and that there are no algae. Especially since there is still something done for species conservation, the purchase is already worth. Always exercise in the water while still enjoying the peace. Because fish have a calming effect on humans. These do not just remain, but like to swim back and forth. Just beautiful and yet really useful.

Worth knowing about Moderlieschen shortly

The Moderlieschen is one of the carp fish and is an ideal fish to bring some life into the garden pond. One recognizes the moderlieschen well on its elongated figure, on its blue-silver shimmering scales and big eyes.
  • The moderlieschen is usually up to 10 cm tall.
  • It has two pectoral fins, two pelvic fins, a dorsal fin and an anal fin.
  • Curiously, the mouth of this fish is directed steeply upwards.
  • Moderlieschen love stagnant fresh water, they are sometimes even satisfied with puddles.
  • But they are often found in ponds, dredger lakes or flood plains.
  • They do not live alone, but in swarms and like to be protected by river banks or plants.
Their diet is quite varied, ranging from zooplankton, mosquito larvae and algae to water fleas and hoppers. In order to reproduce, the plants need an approximate 18 degrees Celsius water temperature and some rest. Otherwise, they are quite straightforward and content with what they have. The big advantage of the Moderlieschens is that it is also suitable for small garden ponds, in which, for example, goldfish have no place. Occasional ice and cold do not bother the moderlieschen. Nevertheless, one should make sure that the pond does not freeze completely in winter, to prevent a too long lack of oxygen.
On the Red List of endangered species is also the Moderlieschen, it is classified as endangered here. This is mainly due to the fact that more and more bodies of water are being drained and often just small pools are becoming unusable due to pollution as a habitat. So, if you want to keep some moderlieschen in your garden pond, do something for the preservation of this species at the same time. Please note, however, that this fish lives in the swarm and that you should keep at least ten animals together.

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