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In this lawn in front of the terraced house grows a rather arbitrary compilation of various woody plants such as pine, cherry laurel, rhododendron and various summer green flowering shrubs. The front yard does not have much more to offer.

Proposal 1: Modern plant combination

To a modern new building fits best a modern designed garden. Bright flower colors and different shades of green give it timeless beauty. First, the area gets a green frame. Steel ropes on the house provide support for Akebien, who open in May small purple-brown fragrant flowers. Three ball-steppe cherries in the corners also provide green in the height.

Akebien Kugelsteppenkirschen

In our first design idea we present you modern plant combinations with Akebien and ball steppe cherries

To give the front garden more depth, a large part of the lawn is abandoned in favor of a jewelry area of ​​gravel and grit. The clou: The various materials are sprinkled lively in lanes. A fleece laid underneath prevents weed growth and reduces the care required. What remains is a narrow frame for other plants.
In front of the house wall, the white hydrangea 'Annabelle' and the forest goat bear 'Kneiffii' are flourishing in the summer. At their feet are yellow-flowering lady's mantle and white-flowered cranesbill. These are joined by giant sedge (Carex pendula) and miscanthus (Miscanthus), which are especially decorative in autumn and winter: right on the side of the neighbor, the miscanthus protrudes from a sea of ​​lady's mantle. On the front left corner of the area, the giant sedge dominates the picture.

Video Board: Modern Front Yard Garden Design Ideas.

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