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Unsightly molehill on the lawn, which no hobby gardener desires. But moles are protected and may therefore only be chased away or berated, but not killed. Because the animals are actually useful, eat snails and other pests and loosen the earth. But the hills do not only disturb aesthetically, they can also be dangerous as stumbling blocks, especially for older people or small children. Some tips and tricks help to drive the mole out of the garden again.

Angry with water

Before the water is used, all raised mounds are always leveled with a rake. Of course, these measures are a lot of work for the hobby gardener, as daily must be looked at several times, if new hills show. However, instead of being leveled with a rake, the hills can be watered directly with the garden hose until they become even again. This also has the advantage that even the underground passage over a large part can no longer be used by the mole. However, this water action must be carried out regularly and also nationwide, so that the animal no longer finds any way to continue digging under the lawn. But the subterranean graves do not always respond to this expulsion method. However, since it is the simplest of all possibilities, it should be tried first. Another way to effectively use water is as follows:
  • As a last resort, water garden with chlorinated water
  • This will lure the earthworms upwards
  • the source of food is drying up in this way for the mole
  • simple method if there is a pool with chlorine water in the garden
Tip: Who removes the molehills with a shovel, can use this very well loosened and valuable soil as potting soil in pails or simply distribute it on the flower or vegetable patch.

Drive away with noise

mole Schreck

A mole can be driven away by noise. The small animals have a very sensitive ear, so do not like noise and feel very disturbed by noises that arise over their tunnels in the meadow and direct noises in their underground passages. The hobby gardener needs a little patience in the expulsion, because he has to bully the mole until he voluntarily leaves the garden. The following tips should therefore help to prevent the animal from seeing the garden as its home after some time:
  • Ramming metal rods into the hill
  • hit it with a hammer for a long time
  • Repeat more often
  • the resulting vibration and noise make the mole feel disturbed
  • with glass bottles cut off the bottom
  • use a glass cutter for this purpose
  • but can also be tried with PET bottles in the same way
  • Bottleneck stuck in the hill without lid
  • The wind creates unpleasant whistling noises in the corridor for the animal
  • when using glass bottles, the noise is louder
  • stomp loudly over the alleged passageways for a long time across the meadow
  • If you have children, you can let them play on the lawn for several hours
  • In the retail trade, various devices are available that emit ultrasonic noise
  • What is not audible to man becomes torture for the mole
Tip: If you want to drive away a mole, you must make sure that the measures are used as comprehensively as possible. For example, a single bottle is not sufficient here, ideally bottles are put into all the digged up hills, so that the noise comes from all sides.

Use live trap

To catch a mole alive is only possible with special permission. This must be obtained from the responsible state authority for environmental and nature conservation and is not easy to obtain. If there is a cat in the family or there are environmentalists in the area, they could endanger the mole, and a permit to catch them is often given in such cases. Of course, this is also great caution, because the small animals are very scary. Therefore, the procedure should be as follows:
  • Use live traps from the trade
  • Check several times a day
  • as soon as a mole sits in the box, act immediately
  • Take a trap and expose it far away from people
  • for example in a forest area
Tip: A live trap, which may not be used without special permission in Germany, should really be used only if the animal threatens danger by pets or if the mole can not otherwise be driven out. Because a life trap always carries the danger that the little earth-dweller pays with his life.

Sprain with scent

Daffodils - Narcissus

The animals want a fragrance-neutral environment and therefore moles can be aroused by many different scents. However, many of these are not quite pleasant to smell even for us humans and pets. But who wants to get rid of the garden digger in the long run, should endure these scents for a few weeks. Here, too, work should be done across the board and not just the individual molehills should be filled. For grubbing, small holes are drilled into the soil at regular intervals throughout the garden, into which the selected fragrances are added. The following can be used well for embarrassment:
  • sliced ​​garlic cloves
  • dried mint
  • sliced ​​onions
  • grated horseradish
  • Leaves of rose laurel, walnut or elderberry
  • Herring heads are also very effective but not quite comfortable
  • mothballs
  • Soapsuds with boiled nuts
  • Rag soaked in petrol, petroleum or aftershave
  • Whey / buttermilk mixture, 1/4 buttermilk, 3/4 whey
  • The animal also reacts very sensitively to the scent of humans
  • to do this, cut hair into the holes
  • Specialists also offer biodegradable agents that are harmless to humans, animals and plants
Tip: It can also be cultivated special plants whose smell does not like the small garden tombs. These include lilies or imperial crowns, which are planted in the fall. The imperial crowns, however, should be taken to ensure that they are poisonous in all parts and should therefore not be selected for a garden in which children play.

Permanent measures

Anyone who has expelled a mole or does not even wish that the animals can settle in his garden, can take care of it with permanent measures. These are very expensive, but very helpful, especially when moles in the residential area are around. This can be done as follows:
  • Keep the mole away with a barrier around the garden
  • To do so, let a tight-meshed fence into the ground about half a meter deep around the garden edge
  • This is a very expensive method at first
  • but keeps the moles away for many years
  • another, elaborate method is the laying out of a floor mat under the lawn
  • Lay the mat about 40 cm under the lawn
  • Measure is suitable when a lawn is newly created
Tip: These measures are particularly suitable for gardens in which molehills have been sighted all around or it is a new investment in a property or just a lawn.
On a manicured lawn, the thrown-up mounds of moles usually do not fit in the picture, the animals have to leave the garden as soon as possible. Since they are under protection, care must be taken here, the animals must not be killed or injured. But expulsion and grief is always allowed. Also, a capture with regulatory approval in exceptional cases can be performed. To expel moles, there are some useful tips and tricks. Because the small animals do not like loud noises or unpleasant odors and therefore this is the most sensible way to drive these animals out of their own garden. However, since these are actually useful beings for the garden and the hills in a natural garden with high meadow do not disturb, they should not be expelled here. Because they eat snails and other vermin, loosen up the soil and, above all, only stay in places where the quality of the soil is very high.

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