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For most people, moles represent ludicrous animals with many useful properties. However, some gardeners find it a hair-raising, when the lawn is decorated with countless molehills or the roots of the laboriously bred plants fall prey to the dig of the little animal.
There are some tips and tricks on how to make it possible for the cute underground worker to leave the garden voluntarily and never come back.
High noise level against mole infestation
Moles must not be simply caught, injured or even killed, because they are under protection of nature and species. This also applies to so-called life traps. When trying to catch animals with such a trap, moles have often been killed by bruising or high stress levels. Also, the day blind earth workers do not want to harm anyone, because they are only constantly looking for food and love

  • Beetle larvae,
  • Pests of all kinds,
  • small worms
  • Maggots.
To find their favorite food, they take some hardships and long walks. Gardeners could actually be happy, because where a mole settles down home, there is also the quality of the soil. Unfortunately, the industrious animals in their search for treats not on plants or the lawn and mark their territory with an unwelcome legacy: the molehill. Since moles do not look very good, they have to rely on their excellent sense of smell and hearing. Especially the hearing works so well that he perceives the noise of an insect as noise. And gardeners should start with these sensitive sensors. At the slightest vibration or shock, the mole scents danger and seeks refuge in its underground passages. Just a few steps or the sound of raging children are agony for the sensitive ears of the moles.
Gardeners can make do with an iron bar in the ground, to which they knock at regular intervals. The vibrations drive the moles out. Even a bottle buried in the ground serves its purpose. The interplay of open bottleneck and wind makes whistling noises that the mole never get. Even a wind chime or empty cans and the speaker of a radio have a similar effect. There are no limits to the gardener's imagination here.
So-called pulse generators that work with vibration or sound waves and are powered by solar cells or batteries are also available from specialist dealers. However, the devices are working with a repetitive, monotonous noise level to which the crafty animals quickly get used. So, in spite of the noise, they may just continue to pursue their reorganization activities.
Unpleasant odors to the mole expulsion
As sensitive as the hearing of moles is their sense of smell in search of delicacies in nature. They avoid unpleasant odors. Gardeners can try with very different odor components to drive their unwelcome visitors. So, for example...
  • Elderberry manure,
  • Soapy water,
  • spoiled whey,
  • Herring broth
  • Citrus smells,
  • buttermilk
... repulsive to the fine nose of the mole act and he enters the retreat from the garden.
Especially helpful is the use of butyric acid. The smell, which is hard to bear even for humans, seems to be especially offensive to moles. A special tip is also a granule, which consists of clay and is provided with an oil of garlic, ethanol or lavandin. This granulate can be buried deep in the soil where the odor sticks for a relatively long time. The underground passages of the moles should be filled with it. Positive side effect of this biological Vertreibungsmethode: even the voles do not like the smell and disappear together with the mole never to see again from the garden.
Mole gas and prevention
Not only for allotment gardeners, the mole can be a nuisance, even farmers can sing a song of it. Especially in arable farming or when growing vegetables and fruit crops, the yield must be secured. Mole-gas has proven itself more and more over the years here. With a stick, the Erdgänge the moles are felt and opened. The gas, which consists of calcium carbide, introduced into the existing passages of the animals. Due to the rising soil moisture, which combines with the gas, creates an unpleasant smell for the animals, which drives them permanently into flight. However, you can do a lot in advance to make sure that a mole does not feel good in the garden. If possible, the garden can be created unattractive for the mole.That means many stones and extremely heavy soil. So the diligent worker has much to do to dig up and omits it altogether.
Furthermore, one can limit the garden with a close-meshed fence that protrudes about 50 cm deep into the ground. A similar effort brings the laying of floor mats with it. These are brought 40 cm deep into the ground and prevent the digging of the moles. The compacting of the soil also brings the desired effect. Moles love light, loose earth, in which dig beautiful. Anyone who compacts the floor with a roller and presses flat does not have to expect the arrival of moles.
Small animal - big effect: worth knowing shortly
Moles are protected and may not be killed or captured. As cute as the cute animals are, she does not want to have a gardener in her own garden. With a few little tips and tricks, it is possible, in a gentle and gentle way, to show the little night workers another way and banish them forever from their natural paradise.
By the way: If a mole feels good in your garden, this testifies to a healthy and fertile soil, as the eager animals stay only where there is sufficient food. The underground graves therefore prefer soils that are inhabited by many microorganisms.
  • Moles must not be injured or even killed.
  • They are under protection and are also important beneficials.
  • The prejudice that moles destroy and devour plants is unfounded.
  • Moles are the source of animal food. Snails and grubs are eaten.
  • The mole ultimately ensures that plant pests do not get out of hand.
If you want to be active, you should only use animal-friendly methods to fight the mole in the garden:
  • Commercially available are ultrasound machines that are intended to drive the mole out of the garden.
  • Similarly, a well-tried trick works, with the bottles are inserted with the opening up in the ground. The vibrations generated by the wind do not like moles.
  • In addition, specialty shops sell lava stones soaked in oil or herbs, which are put into the ground to keep moles out. You can also use these preventively.
  • Special "fragrance mixtures" are also used. Citrus oil preparations, soapsuds and whey and buttermilk mixtures, but also garlic and manure, which are put into the passages, should expel the mole
  • Also offered is the Incarvillea delavayi-Plant. Their positive effect on mole control, however, is generally considered relatively low. To beautify the garden, however, the pretty plant is always suitable.
The best option, however, is to befriend the mole in the garden. If it does not bother you to smooth out molehills from time to time, you should not take any further steps to expel the burglar. By the way: The raised earth comes from deeper layers of earth and is ideal as potting soil.

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