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Many garden owners are annoyed about a mole in the garden. His heaps of earth are not popular. The little Buddelflink is absolutely useful because it eliminates many plant pests.
Since he is under protection, the mole must not be hunted or even killed.
But you can drive him out. This is often not easy. Often you have to try several methods until an effect shows. Sometimes you have to try a method several times. The 100 percent solution to get a mole from the garden, there is probably not yet. In any case, it should be a natural method.
The senses of the mole attack
The mole sees almost nothing, but he smells and hears very well. You have to address those senses if you want to drive them away.
A mole perceives every shock around it. At the slightest vibration, the animals retreat deeply down into their tunnel system. So it is enough if every day children play in the garden or a larger dog turns his rounds there. In such a noisy garden the mole does not feel well.
If you do not have children or a dog, you can hit iron bars in the ground and knock on them several times a day. This noise also spreads underground and is perceived by the mole as very disturbing. Less troublesome, because you do not have to knock is to dig bottles with the opening up in the ground. The sound of the whistling wind at the mouth of the bottle is meant to drive the mole away.
Commercially available are so-called impulse generators that are simply stuck in the ground. The devices are powered by batteries or solar cells. At certain intervals, they send out sound and vibration waves. This bothers the mole so much that he is looking for a new area and leaves the garden. The disadvantage of these devices is that the animals quickly become insensitive to these disorders. So the devices are rather ineffective.
Attack on the olfactory nerves
Every hobby gardener has thus developed his own means of selling moles. Whether herring broth, spoiled whey or milk or elderberry jelly, the possibilities are great. Many use lint soaked in turpentine. But one should not expect miracles from the means. Often you bother yourself more of the stink than the mole. Especially if you want to fight the hills near the terrace or other seats, stench is not ideal.
The agent vole and mole stop has proven to be effective. The remedy comes from NaturGut and is very efficient. It is a granulate of clay, which is impregnated with a mixture of clove oil, patchouli oil, garlic oil and alcohol. This mixture is an absolute hammer attack on the sensitive nose of the mole. By binding to the clay, the odor remains in the soil for a very long time. Over the months, the clay balls lose their effectiveness slowly and become part of the garden floor. This product expels the mole from the garden and it is a natural remedy, absolutely harmless and environmentally friendly.

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A mole is an excavator in miniature. If it is at work, the garden is like a construction site. His small brown mounds pile up numerous, exactly where nobody wants them. What is the use of his good qualities? He has to go!

Moles are protected


Although a mole is actually a very useful animal because it eats grubs, snails and other pests, it is still not one of the popular garden dwellers. Especially not when the laboriously manicured lawns are defaced by molehills. But how do you best sell a mole?

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