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It is forbidden to kill the mole and with good reason. Since 1988, the mole is under conservation and throughout the year.
Why kill?
Why would you want to kill the little diggers? The only signal that you have one in the garden is the small heaps of dirt that are created when excess soil is transported out of the ground as you move. The piles do not harm anyone. Well, they do not look great, but you can even level them or spray them with the garden hose. No problem and not expensive.
Mole farm animal
The mole is useful. First, he indicates with his presence that the soil in the garden is of good quality. Only then he feels comfortable and sets up his territory and secondly he eats pests. He is a pure carnivore, eating no plant roots and tubers like the vole, which is considered a pest. Although the mole also eats earthworms, but especially just pests such as grubs, snake larvae and other insect pests. The few earthworms he eats are not a loss, because they multiply enormously. In addition, the mole mixes the earth while digging and loosens it up. It is ventilated and mixed with nutrients. The mole is so very useful and so a few small mounds in the garden are not worth destroying even a Mole life.
Alternatives to killing
Since hunting, catching and killing are forbidden under penalty, only the expulsion from the garden remains. That's also a good alternative. It is best to start with the sensitive senses of the mole. Since he sees only badly, the sense of smell and hearing are particularly well developed. He is especially sensitive.
As an effective means of expulsion Mole stop of the company NaturGut has proven. It is a granulate of clay, which is impregnated with clove oil, patchouli oil, garlic oil and alcohol. This intense smell usually chases away moles very quickly. Since the odor remains in the soil for months, they usually do not come back. The use of the granules is easy. With a planting wood you make holes in the garden soil, starting in the middle of the affected area and in concentric circles, going further and further out. In the holes and in the corridors you scatter the granules. The smell now permeates the earth. That can not turn a mole off.
Otherwise you can try with noise and noise to drive away the mole. There are numerous devices in the trade, such as the Maulbruchschreck, which should disturb the mole in its rest by vibrations and sounds, which are sent out regularly. Maist, he quickly searches for the distance. You can also hit iron bars in the ground and hit them regularly. These sounds also spread underground and are perceived as disturbing.
Killing a mole is not only forbidden, it is also completely unnecessary. If you absolutely can not live with him, you should see that he is being routed by natural means. That's definitely the better way.

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