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The Molevertreiber is a device that should distribute the mole out of the garden with vibrations. There are battery and solar powered devices. You simply put the device with its spit into the ground. This then sends out vibrations that affect the ear of the mole sensitive and whose shocks are also perceived by the animal physically.
For how many square meters does a mole distributor suffice?
That depends on the soil condition. Calcareous soil transmits the vibrations very well, but sandy ones do not. The device should cover a radius of 25 square meters. You do not put it directly between the molehills. You better try to push the mole in a certain direction. You then follow slowly with the device. The manufacturer states that initially more molehills can be created, even near the device. But that would only mean that the animal can no longer orient itself. So you have to be patient.
Experiences with the mole distributor
With the Mole Repeller it is like all the means against the mole. They work for one and not for another. Some testimonials found on the internet show that the gadgets have worked wonders and that the garden is free of moles and voles. In contrast, other users have the experience that the animals do not bother at all. It only helps to try out the device again. Maybe one is one of the lucky ones who get rid of the mole and the annoying voles? - Try out the mole distributor and form your own opinion! The devices are available from about 10 euros.
Do not buy any Mole Depositing Device!
If you are looking for a device that will drive away moles, you should carefully find out what you intend to buy there.

  • For the devices marketed by the major internet retailers, the problem is usually just the "Made in...". These devices are made somewhere, reasonable information on how and why they should work against moles, there is not, and any safeguard, if the device does not work (as the majority of the experience reports suggests), there is not. For a device that can actually walk straight into the bin, 10, - or 20, - € are too much money.

  • Under certain circumstances, the installation of the equipment is associated with a lot of work, some devices are actually buried under the lawn and be connected from there to a power outlet. Then such a device can even be dangerous, this outlet is supposed to provide the molehole with electricity throughout, so they could "provide you with electricity" when you enter the (wet) lawn.

  • If the devices emit ultrasound sounds, you would have to explore in which frequency range they are, and of course you would need to know in which frequency range a mole is listening (and if he hears these sounds at all, moles are said to be quite deaf).
Often the devices advertise with changing frequencies, because the mole would get used to a consistent tone. If changing frequencies are to be helpful, this assumes that the mole is not used to changing tones. Scientifically, this has probably not been investigated (it is only assumed that devices with high sound pressure, no matter whether with changing or constant frequency, make the mole completely deaf in no time).
In other areas, however, changing frequencies are not necessarily appropriate to provide increased deterrence, we humans often like them quite a lot and call them "music". Consistently finished this would mean that you explore the musical taste of your mole until you have found the tone that he really does not like (just make louder does not use, then just make him deaf again)...
It's probably easier if you either live with the mole or one of the other ones Try the collected repellents.
Push off mole
If a mole has moved onto your property, it will most likely have migrated from a vacant lot of land. So you could try to use one of the repellents recommended in the articles around the mole in such a way that the mole is pushed back by your "uncomfortable" property from where he immigrated. They would then have to work on the hills that are moving in the wrong direction and leave the mole where its journey leads away from the property "free rein".
Just let the protected mole work for you: Whichever mole you use, you'll never get rid of the mole.This is only conceivable if you "kill" him and that is subject to a severe fine by the Federal Nature Conservation Act, by the way, any other "unfriendly" treatment of the mole.
It is certainly more gentle on the nerves, if you remember that the mole is not under protection for no reason: It is a powerful soil loosener, so you could just let your lawn from the mole once thoroughly work through. The soil thrown up for the hills can be used well as a potting soil, and when you have taken the soil off, a lawn looks good after a little harking. If you have been more concerned with nature conservation and its meaning for all our lives (and survival), you will probably even be very relaxed with the hills.

Video Board: Rich and Rob whack a mole at PAX Prime 2012.

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