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Mole hills are hated by most garden owners. Although the causer is useful and otherwise only does good in the garden, he simply does not want to have it in his own garden. Since the mole is under protection, you must not hunt, catch and kill him. However, chasing is allowed if you do not put too much pressure on him.
The molehill is one of many ways to expel the mole from the garden. Your advantage: It is animal and environmentally friendly.
functionespecially the mole scarecrow

  • The device emits sound waves. It must be permanently powered.
  • An interval switch can be used to set the distances at which the ground sound wave is emitted.
  • The sphere of influence of the scarecrow is about 20 meters in the radius or a good 1,000 square meters.
  • You can switch several scares in a row, if you want to cover a larger area.
  • The device works 24 hours a day. It buries it 30 to 50 cm deep, vertically below the lawn surface.

  • The required cable disappears under the turf. It must be connected to a 12 volt power supply.
  • The noise frequency changes permanently in the range of 1,500 to 3,500 Hz. So moles are permanently distributed.
  • Seismic vibrations spread well in the ground and are felt by the animals living in the ground as extremely disturbing.
  • There are also devices which can be operated with batteries or even with solar cells.
The prices for the mole scare start at just under 20 euros. There is no guarantee of effectiveness. Like all remedies against the mole, you have to try it to know if and how it works. There are garden owners who swear by the equipment. But there are also negative experiences. The remedy, which works 100% and helps against the mole and if possible the vole, is not yet invented!
Other means of repelling moles
If you've tried the Mole Shoot and your mole looks amused rather than impressed, you can try a few other remedies that could move him to move:
  • Whey and milk (a quarter to three quarters), regularly poured into the buildings for a few days, the smell should not please moles at all.
  • Buttermilk should also be effective, mixed with elderflower blossom or garlic or horseradish fermented for several days with water.
  • Effective, but not conceivable for every garden owner, should be the introduction of feces (guinea pigs, cats, dogs) in the molehill.
  • The tip for hairdressers: collect human hair and scatter in the hills. Moles can not smell us!
If you do not enjoy it so much, you might as well try it with noise and shaking, for the pretty badly listening mole, the latter is probably crucial. The proposals are again creative to funny, from buried speakers on wind chimes from empty cans to the horse, this time not on the floor, but on your lawn. Almost relieving sensible seems the suggestion to let the kids romp over the mole area for a few days.
If you are childless and you find the remaining expulsion ideas too laborious, then you could just plant decorative imperial crowns around the molehill, the rather unpleasant smell of the onions should chase away the mole.
But let your mole live!
While you made sinister plans to eradicate your mole, you'll have read several times that the mole is under conservation. Only once again to the warning (the fine goes up to 50.000, - Euro!):
  • The mole is pretty much protected. According to Section 39 of the Federal Nature Conservation Act, it is even forbidden to "wantonly disturb the mole" or to affect one's livelihood without good reason.
  • Literally, you should not even use a molehill that could plunge your mole into a serious life crisis (and is not it always a serious life crisis if you are expelled from your homeland?).
Surely you will not have to invite "your" mole to tea before asking for an expulsion attempt to ask him what means he is going to endure, but with some of the resources recommended on the internet, one can quickly come up with the idea that they will give you one without any demarcation difficulty Mole will be put in a pretty cruel way. Such remedies are also often less suitable for areas where humans are present: it is proposed to add carbide to the hills, a substance that explodes on contact with moisture or self-ignites. Sure, that can drive away moles, and by the way, it could even burn your house.
While the idea of ​​watering the mole with chlorinated water, so that the earthworms disappear (and the mole starves to death), while thinking of laughing or crying over so much stupidity, the idea of ​​moling the mole drives the normal human being a blush in the face that does not pass so fast...
In any case, you should be careful not to follow in your footsteps of a North German with your Molefucking attempts, for his war against moles with the Darwin Award was honored. This more than sarcastic award is given to people who accidentally kill themselves or make themselves infertile, showing such stupidity that it seems to be beneficial if human evolution is spared those genes. Just as that Baltic resident, who put his property under heavy current to kill the mole, but this Stromattacke fell victim himself.

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