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Many roads lead to the Rose Paradise, but some measures unfortunately only show short-term success. Roses are considered sensitive, which need a lot of attention and care to develop their full bloom. Also, the opinion, one must stay with the spray next to the rose to keep them healthy, is still widespread. But roses have changed a lot in the last few years as breeders are placing more and more emphasis on robust features. New varieties have been introduced, which are inherently less susceptible to the dreaded fungal diseases. The best of them are awarded the ADR title every year.

To declare war on chemistry

Plant protection spray orange

Unfortunately, in the rose care often chemical sprays are in use

But with the choice of variety, it is not done yet. A bit of attention goes well even the most robust rose, and the classic fertilizers combined with fungicides are not the royal road. On the contrary, they can weaken the rose in the long term, because the natural conditions intervene. On the other hand, it is much more important to mobilize the natural powers of plants and to offer them ideal growth conditions. This begins in the soil, which can suffer greatly from regular weed removal, mineral fertilization and the entry of sprays.

Tonics make plants more resilient

There are many tonics that support the protection of roses with natural ingredients:

Neudo Vital rose spray

With tonics, the rose gets a power boost from the beginning

biocin Rose Care Spray is without fertilizer salts. It maintains and strengthens with extracts of organically grown plants. Vitanal is obtained from grain. Roses Professional is administered in addition to the basic fertilizer (eg horn shavings) with the irrigation water, sour / kombi is a supplementary foliar fertilizer for spraying. Neudo Vital Rose Spray provides plant extracts and fatty acids for stable leaves. Rose Active Drops for watering or spraying contain aqueous extracts of native plants. FertiCult roses is a biological-organic plant food made from grape pomace extract, which promotes the immune powers of the plant. Schacht organic plant spray roses with extracts of field horsetail and oat straw strengthens the cell structures of the leaves.

Homeopathy for plants

Rose plant strengthening product

Homeopathy is gentle on plants, too

What has become firmly established as a natural treatment method by many people is becoming increasingly popular for plants as well: tonic according to the homeopathic principle. Here a biochemical-physical active substance complex works in homeopathic-dynamized form. It is designed to promote root growth, stimulate the plant's ability to regenerate, strengthen immune strength and increase the ability to flower. The goal is robust plants that defy harmful fungi successfully. Neudorff Homeopathic Rose Elixir, HomeoCult for roses and Biplantol roses NT work on the same principle. All remedies are either added to the irrigation water every 14 days during the growing season or sprayed appropriately diluted directly onto the shoots of the plant.

A healthy soil is the best foundation

Soil activator Oscorna product

If you do not have optimal soil for roses, you can help with soil conditioners

Active soil life with earthworms and microorganisms, optimal binding and release of nutrients, improved water storage, good humus formation and loose crumb structure are features of a healthy, fertile soil. If you want to actively do something about it, you can use a soil activator: Oscorna ground activator ensures with pure natural resources for soil revitalization. Biplantol Soil Active works homeopathic. Mushroom spores around roses are also broken down better. Manna ground activator relies on humic acids and other raw materials from nature. Shaft horsetail with soil conditioner acts among other things by herbal silicate.

Underground support by mushrooms

About 90 percent of all plants in the world enter into a symbiosis with beneficial mycorrhizal fungi. Often, however, there are not enough spores in the soil, for example because they have been killed by the use of fungicides in the flower beds.

Myocorrhizal Fungi product

Symbiotic mycorrhizal fungi invade the roots of the roots and provide the plant with nutrients

Both in new plants and in established roses, these spores can be reintroduced into the root area. This is how fungus plexuses associated with the normal root system develop, which enormously increase the root volume of the rose. This allows it to absorb more nutrients and water.Even soil fatigue can be alleviated because the root sites where harmful fungi and bacteria can invade are quickly colonized by mycorrhizal fungi. David Austin mycorrhiza mushrooms contains 18 different types of mushrooms. Wilhelms Best Roses Granules combines beneficial agent spores with growth-promoting plant extracts. Cuxin DCM Myko-Active also relies on a combination of fungal spores, natural fertilizer and soil activator. rootgrow as INOQ hobby contain various types of mycorrhiza.

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