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Play, romp, discover the environment - children need space to develop. Anyone who wants to build or buy homeownership should consider their needs. While parents pay particular attention to costs and location when choosing suitable properties, the offspring have their own wishes: the little ones need proximity to their parents, children want space to play, and young people need places of retreat.

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Depending on the age group, the offspring has their own wishes and needs. While younger children seek closeness to their parents, youngsters need retreat

If you are looking for a suitable property or house, it is best to check the infrastructure right away: are kindergarten, school and after-school nearby? Are there medical practices and shopping? How many streets does the offspring have to cross on the way to school? Are they heavily used? Playgrounds and leisure facilities such as swimming pool, football field and sports club should be safely accessible for the children.

Playmates right next door

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A home with garden offers many opportunities for children to discover

A house in the countryside promises peace and closeness to nature. However, if public transport is lacking, parents need to be prepared to drive their children daily - to school, to friends, to music lessons or sports training. Young families are often attracted to new construction areas. There the offspring find easier peers to play. Young children stay mostly in the house or in the immediate vicinity. Ideal is a home with garden, which offers space for sandpit, paddling pool and playground equipment. Mostly cheaper than a detached house is a semi-detached or terraced house. Inquire if the neighbors also have children the age of your offspring. So your offspring has its playmates right next door, and parents can help each other with childcare.

When the offspring fledges

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Time for a private room? Ideal solution for this is a loft extension

If the children are small, usually still a common room is enough. Later, everyone would like to own their own empire. 12 to 15 square meters are ideal as a nursery for playing and learning. Maybe you can expand the roof to make room for a youth room - preferably with its own shower room. If the offspring fledges and takes off, for example, from the nursery can be a guest or study. A spacious kitchen or an open kitchen to the dining and living room is an ideal meeting place for the whole family and promotes community togetherness.

Promotion for families

More space for family happiness: their

Example of financing the LBS. To enlarge please click on the picture

For all love: The "nest building" costs money. A building society savings contract with its permanently low interest rates and manageable rates is a sure cushion. This way, you can finance your own home solidly and rebuild and expand it at the right time. Above all, families who build or buy homeownership benefit from a Wohn-Riester contract, which facilitates financing thanks to state subsidies. For every child who was born in 2008, parents receive 300 euros a year child allowance, for formerly born 185 euros - as long as the offspring is in education and not older than 25 years... For each residential Riester homeowner there are 154 euros basic allowance. A family with two children benefits from this up to 908 euros every year - with no income limits. You will receive the maximum amounts if, together with the allowances, you receive four percent of your gross annual income for which you are liable for social security contributions in the Wohn-Riester contract. Your LBS or Sparkasse adviser will show you how you and your family can get into their own homes faster with state funding.
Further information can be found on the service page of the LBS.

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