Destroy mosquito larvae in the rain barrel - Tips for Prevention & Control

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If it is teeming with small animals in the rain barrel, they are usually one thing: mosquito larvae. If you do not fight this right away, you can quickly have a mosquito plague on your neck.

Rain barrel: hotbed for mosquitoes

In summer, mosquitoes can be the right plague. For example, when they are in a large crowd in the garden or even in the house buzzing around. Although you can not completely prevent mosquitoes from buzzing through your garden, you can specifically minimize their population. For oviposition mosquitoes need stagnant water. A rain barrel is therefore the best breeding ground for these insects. However, if you know that, you can do something to prevent mosquito pests.

Destroy mosquito larvae in the rain barrel

The highest priority is the removal of the mosquito larvae from the rain barrel. After the larvae have hatched from the eggs, they stay on the water surface for a while before they fly through the area. However, they can only sit on the surface if the proper surface tension is present. If you want to get rid of the insects, then you must destroy this surface tension.

➤ Tip 1 - Vegetable oil:

One way to annihilate is to suffocate the insects with oil. Simply pour a few drops of any vegetable oil from the kitchen into the water. The larvae should then be received within a short time.

➤ Tip 2 - Dishwashing liquid:

As an alternative to vegetable oil, you can also drip some dishwashing liquid into the water. A tablespoon on a large rain barrel should be enough. If you use a 100 percent biodegradable product, you can still use the rainwater to water in the garden.

➤ Tip 3 - NEUDORFF mosquito-free:

In every garden shop or in the hardware store, you also get to buy special preparations that can be used to combat the larvae in the water (rain barrels, garden ponds and other waters) and are also biodegradable and therefore harmless. These remedies are made on the basis of proteins so that they do not harm humans, wildlife, beneficial insects, fish or other organisms. Put e.g. Products such as the NEUDORFF mosquito free (available here), so the existing stock of mosquito larvae is completely destroyed.

Prevent formation of mosquito larvae

➤ Tip 4 - Cover the rain barrel:

Of course, better than any mosquito control measure is prevention, so you can save yourself a lot of effort and hassle. It is ideal if you cover your rain barrel with a lid.

Alternatively, in summer you can also put a fly screen over it. But do not forget the downpipe, because the mosquitoes can slip through there. So you also have to cover this with a fine-meshed net.

➤ Tip 5 - Empty the rain barrel:

Until the mosquito larvae are so far that they can fly, they need a development time of about three weeks. If you empty the rain barrel completely during this period, you do not need to take any further action.

Video Board: How to kill Mosquitos in rain barrels.

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