Removing moss in the flowerbed - 4 effective fighting tips

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Whether on the wall, in the lawn or just in the flowerbed: moss spreads almost everywhere. With our tips you get your flowerbeds but again moss-free.

Moss is very persistent

Actually, you can find moss primarily on the sidewalks, on house walls or in the lawn. But in shady areas, he can also show up in the flower beds. Moss only needs a moist surface to thrive and if just not enough sun gets to one place, then it has an easy game there. Much to the annoyance of many gardeners, because it looks beautiful in the flowerbeds now really not enough.

So what to do to get rid of the moss? Quite simple: try our tips! These tell you how you can prevent and combat an infestation of moss in the flowerbeds. But one thing is for sure: you can almost never get rid of moss permanently, because the conditions that lead to its spread can only rarely be changed.

Tips for fighting moss in the flowerbed

➤ Tip 1 - Create raised beds:

Prevention is still the best solution, because it is not easy to master the moss in the long term. Unfortunately, it will form again and again. In the case of beds, you have at most the option to switch to raised beds (reading tip: building a raised bed in 7 steps).

➤ Tip 2 - Install drainage:

If the ground is always very wet, maybe because it is too dense and heavy, then the installation of a drainage can provide a remedy.

➤ Tip 3 - Loosen soil regularly:

If you regularly loosen up the soil, then it can dry better. This, in turn, creates poor conditions for moss, as it requires plenty of moisture to thrive. Occasionally pick up a hoe or a cultivator and loosen up your beds.

➤ Tip 4 - Additives for garden soil:

Moss does not like a soil rich in nutrients. That's why you should apply fertilizer from time to time. The liming of the soil can also be helpful, but you should not exaggerate here, because lime does not get any plants well. You can also improve the soil by adding rock flour and / or sand.

Attention: Never use iron sulphate!

One thing is for sure: iron sulphate helps to combat moss in beds very well. After application, the moss gradually turns brown and enters. Then it can be easily removed. But now comes the catch:

Although iron sounds really healthy at first, it can be toxic to animals and humans. Therefore, the garden should be used with the utmost care. Inhalation and contact with the skin can cause severe irritation, so you would actually need to wear protective clothing and a mask when deploying. Unfortunately, this hardly makes a hobby gardener.

Although there are special moss-removal agents on the market, you can be sure that most of these products contain this iron sulfate. Even with an iron fertilizer you will not get rid of the moss in the garden in the long term, because the spores are distributed again and again. You can and should therefore refrain from using such chemical agents to control moss.

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