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When the colorful late-summer flowers leave the stage in autumn with their bright colors, some perennials have their grand entrance. With these autumn shrubs, the pot garden offers many weeks a beautiful sight and the favorite place on the terrace invites you to linger.

Autumn Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemum in the pot

Chrysanthemums once again provide brilliant colors in the pot garden in autumn

The autumn chrysanthemums (Chrysanthemum Indicum hybrids) have bright flowers and belong to autumn like no other shrub species. Their color spectrum ranges from rusty red and gold-yellow to bronze-orange. Some of them open their colorful cup flowers as early as September, and the flowering time can last well into November, depending on the variety. When planting in the stuffing you should especially make sure that the potting soil does not dry out, because as in the bed, the pretty autumn bloomers prefer a fresh soil. At the same time, however, a good drainage should be available, because prolonged waterlogging in connection with the cool autumn nights can lead to root damage. Therefore do not put the plants in a saucer, but on small feet. Thus, the irrigation water drain well. In principle, most varieties are winter proof, but some are more sensitive than others. Therefore, when choosing your chrysanthemum, pay attention to the information on the plant label.

Autumn Anemones

Autumn anemone (Anemone hupehensis)

Autumn anemones conjure up lightness in every pot with their elegant shell blossoms

All autumn anemones (group of species consisting of the three anemone species Anemone japonica, Anemone hupehensis and Anemone tomentosa) impress with the clarity of their flowers - from August to golden October. The color palette ranges from white to carmine red. Autumn anemones are very durable and easy to care for, with their height they are the perfect pot candidates. You want a soil that is a bit loamy, rich in humus and nutrients, then form magnificent flower buds. Particularly beautiful varieties among the autumn anemones are the white-flowered 'Honorine Jobert' (Anemone Japonica hybrid) and the early-flowering, pink variety 'Praecox' (Anemone hupehensis).

Coral bells

Cushion purple bells (Heucherella)

Cushion-purple bells (Heucherella) as well as their big sisters - the purple bells (Heuchera) - take care of the autumnal pot arrangement for the colorful leaf decoration

Purple bells (Heuchera hybrids) delight throughout the winter with their attractive foliage, which is available in a variety of colors, from bright amber to glowing burgundy. With its variety and its stature height up to 50 cm the Blattschmuck-Staude can be combined well with other Herbst-Stauden. Give your purple bells some space in the pot, because the pretty perennial grows in an optimal place almost as wide as in the height. Most varieties thrive in a sunny to half shady spot. If you would like to use multicolored varieties, you should give them a sunny spot on the terrace or on the balcony, because only here will the beautiful leaf coloring develop fully. The purple bell does not tolerate waterlogging. Therefore you should empty the coasters of pots and window boxes regularly.


High fat hen in the pot

Simple and beautiful: High fat hens (Sedum hybrids) are also individually planted in pots an eye-catcher

The Fetthenne delights with fleshy-succulent leaves and umbrella-shaped flower plates, which change their color in the flowering of delicate white-green to rich purple. In addition to the classic 'Herbstfreude' (Sedum Telephium-Hybrid), the newer, very robust 'Matrona' is now also a popular autumn shrub for the pot. Especially beautiful is the 'Karfunkelstein' bred by Ernst Pagels, who, in addition to her carmine-pink flower plates, is thrilled with dark red foliage. Decorative in vessels are also the smaller species such as Sedum ewersii 'Nanum' or Sedum floriferum 'Weihenstephaner gold'. Fat hams prefer a rather dry soil, so a good water drain in the pot is essential. Therefore, the vessels should also be provided with a sufficient drainage layer in this autumn shrub.

Autumn asters

Autumn asters in the pot

Autumn asters are the classic for the pot garden

Autumn asters bloom from July to November, depending on the species and variety, and are indispensable both in the bed and in the pot when it comes to making color right again. The large perennial genus has the right plant for every garden situation. For pots, however, one chooses rather compact breeds, for example, Crab Asters (Aster dumosus) as 'Blue Glacier' (purple), 'Rose Gnome' (pink) and 'Niobe' (white). When it comes to pot care, they hardly differ from other balcony and patio flowers.Since they are quite hardy, they can also spend the winter outdoors in the pot. However, you should provide the pot with additional protection and wrap it, for example, with a fleece or a coco mat.

The right pot for your autumn shrubs

The planters should have drainage holes and - in anticipation of winter - be made of frost-resistant material. To prevent the roots of the perennials from standing in excess water for too long, think of a drainage layer of expanded clay, potsherds or gravel on the bottom of the pot (in the lower third of the pot), through which the water can drain. A water-permeable fleece comes over it, then only the earth is filled. In winter, you should additionally cover the pots with jute, fleece or coconut mats.

Combine autumn shrubs in a pot skillfully

Put the autumn shrubs close to each other, because they will grow only slightly in the coming weeks. In order to achieve a similar step-like effect as in the perennial border, two or three pots arranged in stages are enough on the terrace or balcony.
To the autumn shrubs overhanging stems of grasses fit particularly well. Ideal for combining are low grasses, such as sedges (Carex), which offer variety with many colored varieties, or Schwing (Festuca). On the other hand, you should treat your own pot to higher grass species such as European Gray Millet (Panicum virgatum) or Garden Grass (Calamagrostis). Planting is more alive when you combine autumn shrubs with different leaf and growth habit. Wicker baskets, wooden boxes or flat zinc bowls, which make the autumnal colors of the plants stand out well, are also suitable as vessels.

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