The most beautiful flowering plants for the shade

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The shade in the garden is often treated rather neglected - even by professional garden designers. You just make the area with an evergreen groundcover such as ivy tight and then do not have to deal with it. However, it is worthwhile to arrange shady areas with a little more care - after all, there are a number of flowering shrubs that thrive in partial shade and shade and flower reliably every year. If you then combine them with matching bulb flowers and leaf perennials, your garden visitors will be amazed at how colorful shade beds can be.

The shade blooms with these flowering plants

On the north side of the house or in the shade of a tree you can create equally beautiful garden pictures as in full sun. The only prerequisite: You have to use other species there and resort to plants that appreciate the shade and feel good there. But do not worry: just the diversity of the funerals has already let many garden owners become collectors of this perennial. A shadow garden without the plant considered as a queen among the leaf perennials seems hardly imaginable.

Only on snails you should check the beds regularly, because unfortunately belong to their favorite foods Funkia. Since they drive out relatively late, the perennials can be well combined with plants that start earlier in the season: The Bleeding Heart (Lamprocapnos spectabilis), for example, the white variety 'Alba', or the Solomon seal (Polygonatum biflorum) make as a companion a good figure and set with her bright white flowers invigorating accents in the shade.

Wax bell Kirengeshoma palmata

The wax bell (Kirengeshoma palmata) is considered a rarity in this country. It is worthwhile to plant this Japanese beauty. Her late flowering from August makes her especially valuable

Anyone who cleverly combines flowering shrubs enjoys complete variety in the shade

The representatives of ferns are also relatively late with their budding. You can close the gaps around these forest plants with narcissus species, which also thrive in partial shade. Very well there is the white breeding 'Thalia'. While the daffodils have long retreated in the fern when the ferns are fully developed, other plants decorate the bed all year round: evergreen or elm flowers (Epimedium) still sustain their foliage even in winter and also grow as dense groundcover that weeds barely stand a chance Has.

Periwinkle Vinca minor

Periwinkle (Vinca minor) thrives in sunny and shady locations and can therefore be used in many ways in the garden. Most varieties show blue flowers, but there are also white varieties available. When buying, it pays to search for specific varieties: While periwinkles usually bloom in April and May, some varieties such as 'Flower Power' give a rich after-flowering in late summer

Lush green beds also give an all-rounder like the lady's mantle (Alchemilla), which thrives in the sun just as well. Its yellow-green budding clouds provide shade and vivacity in the shade. Of course, the shade does not only benefit some plants, but also the gardener. Especially on hot summer days, the cool zones of the garden are the more pleasant. Take advantage of the shadow for yourself and set up a seat there. From there you can enjoy the filigree beauty of your perennials and ferns or the flower balls of hydrangeas in peace.

Use white flowers to create sophisticated light reflections

Silver candle Cimicifuga

record sheet

Silver candle (Cimicifuga, left) and record sheet (Rodgersia, right) captivate with clearly outlined, eye-catching flower shapes

Clarity, as the shade of white offers, does particularly well in the shade. He creates contrasts and animates the absonnigen parts of the garden. Choose white-flowering perennials, such as the towering silver candle (Cimicifuga) that blooms in summer. With the help of Hostia, in combination with the record sheet, stimulating effects in the bed can be achieved. Like Funkien, the record sheet is one of the foliage perennials for the shade. It makes large, reminiscent of chestnut leaves leaves.

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