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Roses sweeten the summer with their fantastic flowers. But even in autumn, many roses attract attention again, because it is the time of the rosehips. The special name of the rose fruits comes from the Old German: "Hage" means "hedge" and "-butte" is derived from "Butz" or "Butzen", which is a reference to the barrel-shaped shape of the fruit. But not every rose is a rosehip rose.

For their fruit decoration especially the wild roses are known. They show a surprising variety of shapes and colors: the rosehips of the rose (Rosa rugosa) are thick and red, with the chestnut-fruited rose (Rosa roxburghii) they look green and prickly and the beaver rose (Rosa pimpinellifolia) almost bears black fruits.

Rosehips of the variety Macrocarpa

Sweginzows Rose (Rosa sweginzowii 'Macrocarpa') is one of the most beautiful rosehip roses

Rosehips are fake fruits

Incidentally, from a botanical point of view, rosehips are not fruits. They are pseudopods in which the right rose fruits, the nutlets, are found. Even modern garden roses are partly fruits. However, this ability only have varieties with simple or semi-filled flowers, because in the densely filled rose varieties all genitalia, the dust and carpels, are transformed into petals. Therefore, these flowers are sterile and can not form rose hips.

Modern rosehip roses

For the bed roses, for example, 'Canzonetta', 'Bad Füssing', 'Play Rose' and 'Bonica 82' are among the rosehip roses. The miniature rose 'Lupo' bears many small rosehips. Among the small shrub roses are 'apple blossom', 'Sweet Haze' or 'Red Meidiland' known for rich rose hip jewelry. Of course, shrub roses can also produce fruit, for example 'Duchess Frederike', 'Northern Lights' or 'Snow White'. A beautiful rose hip climbing rose is 'red façade'.

Pink sweginzowii macrocarpa flower

Also the flower of Rosa sweginzowii 'Macrocarpa' is impressive

Important: If rose hips are to form, do not cut off the last blooming in autumn. If you want to be on the safe side, you will be left with the withered flowers of the first pile. However, then the second summer rose bloom will be sparse or completely absent.

'Duchess Frederike' shrub rose

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The most beautiful rosehip roses: rosehip

The most beautiful rosehip roses: roses

The most beautiful rosehip roses: rosehip


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Beautiful rosehip roses (15)

The most beautiful rosehip roses: rose

The 150-centimeter-high shrub rose 'Duchess Frederike' shows in the summer two-colored, half-filled flowers and autumn spherical, carmine rose hips

The most beautiful rosehip roses: rose

'Bourgogne' is a breed of mountain rose (Rosa pendulina). It carries three to four centimeters large pink flowers with a light scent and is up to 150 inches high

The most beautiful rosehip roses: beautiful

The variety 'Kiese' is a selection of the domestic dog rose (Rosa canina). Its flowers are five to six inches tall and red with bright yellow stamens. 'Kiese' can grow over two meters high and flowers like almost all wild forms

The most beautiful rosehip roses: rosehip

'Scarlet Glow' is a shrub rose with simple, to six centimeters large, bright purple flowers. The rose is up to 250 centimeters high and shows a slight after-flowering in late summer

The most beautiful rosehip roses: beautiful

'Canzonetta' is a sturdy, half-filled bed rose in bright blood red. Their rose hips have an orange-red hue

The most beautiful rosehip roses: rose

'Lupo' is a mere 50 centimeters tall dwarf rose with extremely lush flowering and high disease resistance. In autumn she carries many small rosehips

'Duchess Frederike' shrub rose

'Burgundy' (Rosa Pendulina)

Rose 'Kiese' (Rosa canina)

'Scarlet Glow' shrub rose

Beetrose 'Canzonetta'

Rose 'Lupo'

Rosehips are popular with humans and animals. Birds, mice and rabbits are on their menu. For us humans, rosehips are particularly interesting because of their very high vitamin C content. He is up to five times higher than with lemons. No wonder that rosehip tea is suitable for strengthening the immune system. With fresh Rosehip Mush you can also improve your immune system. Rosehips have also been used for centuries for the production of remedies for vomiting, kidney and gallstones or joint problems.

Arrangement with rosehips

Rosehips are a great autumn and winter decoration. Particularly popular are table arrangements, bouquets and autumnal wreaths

For autumnal deco ideas, smaller, firm rose hips, for example from the miniature rose 'Lupo', are best. They come in flower bouquets or arrangements very much to advantage. If you like modern and simple, just put a single rosehip branch in a noble vase.

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