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Especially on football pitches you should grab a durable lawn, especially when it comes to game quality. Since it is idle to sow an area of ​​this size, the trade offers us durable lawn in turf form.
Football fields or large areas are usually built on debris mountains, rocky sub-areas or on areas that are not usable for agriculture. Important here is a good preparation of the soil, should the soil not be processed in a domestic or park-like environment, you should approach the mother arch and prepare it accordingly. The planting then is a breeze.
You can roll out the turf like a carpet roll, then it is advantageous if you press it with a roller firmly on the bottom floor. Now, an extensive irrigation can begin, which makes it possible that the hard grass can succeed well.
Hard grass has the advantage that you can later repair defective parts, since the turf is usually supplied with a net-like surface. Please note that you have to keep a hard grass for a short time and water well to maintain its quality. In a hard grass, it is advantageous if you do the irrigation only briefly and for shorter intervals. There must be no puddles and no water accumulation, otherwise parts of the grave scar may break during the first weeks and months.
Of course you can use durable lawn for home use. For example, the hard-wearing turf is doing pretty well in driveways and paths that are solid but should not be covered with stone slabs or gravel. It is favorable for driveways to work with grass pavers. They offer a picture like a chessboard, but for your vehicle optimal stability.
The hard grass in the garden can be created by sowing
This is not only much cheaper than turf, but if you want to apply the lawn on a prepared gravel surface or lawn grass stones, you have no choice. First of all, the right seed is important. The grass seed mixture for a hard grass should be put together with expertise, only then will the resulting lawn really be suitable for intensive use.
You should not rely on a nice manufacturer's name, nor on additions such as the word hard-wearing, all these pack imprints have no power of expression, any more than a particularly high price. If the turf is to be hard-wearing, it must contain very specific grasses: a high proportion of Lolium perenne (German ryegrass) and about the same proportion of Poa pratensis (meadowstalk), both fast-growing, regenerative and robust. These grasses should each contain several species to compensate for any location preferences of a given grass. In some circumstances, when the wear turf is to look a little finer, a little Festuca (fescue) may be added, and for particularly dry or particularly moist layers or a particularly acidic soil, other grasses may be mixed in.
Rule Seed Blends (RSM) are offered, blended and prepared by independent professionals who have precisely those grasses. These Rule Seed mixtures each have specific numbers and specific names, for a hard grass you can choose from several varieties: Sport turf RSM 3.1, parking turf, RSM 5.1 and if it should work a bit finer, is also suitable RSM 2.3, turf lawn (then may but not quite as heavily burdened). If you contact a gardening dealer, they will know exactly which of these RSMs is expected to grow best in your garden. In addition, he can offer you information and assistance if a particular condition or location of your garden makes the intervention of other grasses worth recommending.
Of course, if you want to create a hard-wearing turf, you can not put a lot of strain on the small, delicate halves that appear shortly after sowing. Rather, work is about to begin: even the young lawn should be mowed quite often, which strengthens the lawn and makes it more resistant, because the grass plants each have to fight again against the damage by the lawnmower.

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