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Trees are indispensable in the garden. They divide the property, provide privacy and carry beautiful flowers, leaves and berries. Even in winter, they give the garden a characteristic appearance when lawn and perennial beds have disappeared under the snow. Even in the gardens of our community trees must not be missing, which has shown the great response to our survey.

Trees have always had a fascinating effect on humans. In many cultures, the tree had a high symbolic power and was worshiped. Trees and forests provide a habitat for many animals, and wood is an important raw material for us humans. At prominent places standing trees such as lime trees or oaks often have a very special meaning, a forest on the other hand affects many people sometimes scary. You often stand in astonishment at mature trees, because they have something venerable and you imagine their eventful past.

When the first flowers appear and discard fresh green leaves on deciduous trees, this is a sure sign that spring has moved into the gardens. Probably for this reason, the magnolia is number 1 of the most popular trees. For many, flowering magnolias are the most beautiful plants have to offer.


Magnolias are among the most valuable ornamental shrubs in the spring garden with their impressive flowers

The most widespread and magnificent magnolia species is the tulip magnolia (Magnolia soulangeana). Like most magnolias, it can reach stately proportions over the years - eight to ten-meter-wide crowns are not uncommon in plants that are around 50 years old. The light pink, tulip-shaped flowers appear in April before the foliage shoot in incredible abundance.

Important are flowers and fruits

In the popularity scale of the magnolia close on the heels are the cherry tree and the ornamental cherry, because they adorn themselves in the spring with countless white or pink flowers and the sweet cherry brings in the summer a wealth of delicious fruits. The native wild wood grows into a mighty tree, but there are also many delicious sweet cherry varieties that are less large and are also suitable for smaller gardens in question.

Blossoming cherry tree

Many gardeners want a cherry tree in the garden, because the aromatic fruits are popular with young and old. As a rule, cherry trees are easy to care for and rather unpretentious

In Japan, no other tree is worshiped as much as the cherry tree. In his honor, the Japanese celebrate their cherry blossom festival every year. The "sakura" ("cherry blossom") symbolizes the end of winter and initiates the "Hanami" - the flower view. This custom is over 1,000 years old and draws at the beginning of spring year by year, many city dwellers to the large cherry trees in the country. The flowering of cherries has always been more important to the Japanese than the fruit.

The classics under the trees

But also the classic forest trees such as oak, chestnut, birch and linden enjoy great popularity, although they do not adorn themselves in the spring with showy flowers. Whoever plants such a tree in his garden should keep in mind that native species can reach considerable heights. The popular lime tree exudes a fresh and at the same time beguiling fragrance. It is planted from time immemorial in cottage gardens as a tree trellis and hedge, grows quickly in the air and is therefore a bit expensive in the care.

walnut tree

For a walnut tree you need plenty of space in the garden

The native willow trees (Salix) were appreciated for centuries, as the branches of the fast-growing trees were the source material for baskets and other wickerwork. In today's land garden, the use of woody plants plays a subordinate role, but the decorative effect as well as its ecological significance are more prominent. For example, a weeping willow works on a large meadow, where it forms a mysterious, green room in summer and becomes a shady arbor.

The walnut: a tree for large gardens

Popular, but for small gardens a size too big, is the walnut. But if you are looking for a tree with a broad crown, where you can relax on sunny days, then this is just the thing. The herb-aromatic scent of the high-tannin leaves is also said to banish annoying mosquitoes. Newer, walnut-tree walnut trees grow slower and remain smaller than the previously planted seedlings, but these varieties also reach a crown diameter of eight to ten meters.

Coniferous trees lead a shadowy existence

Flowering trees and large bushes are clearly the favorites of our community. Conifers have not gained popularity in our quest for the most popular trees, though they are found in most gardens. Maybe it's because they lead a rather inconspicuous existence without showy flowers.

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