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If you have fruits in your own garden, you will surely have to make up your mind again in the light of the discussion about food processing and processing or you will have decided to use these fruits yourself.
If you want to squeeze Most, you want to get the last drop out of the valuable naturally grown fruit as quickly as possible and with as little effort as possible. What cider press does that on

best? - Most of the time you will start your juice maker career with a simple mechanical screw press that can handle between 10 and 150 liters per operation, depending on the model. The sturdy steel construction with center spindle is an inexpensive and convenient press for all types of fruit, which works with an internal spindle with pressing plant from above.
Whenever the fruit processing takes on some dimensions, working with the screw press is a troublesome business. Especially if you are under time pressure, because you can not simply neglect your work because of the accumulation of fruit at the time of maturation. Even if you want to extract the highest possible percentage of juice, it is time for a more powerful model, here are the hydraulic press or press with water pressure to choose from.
The hydraulic must press
The hand-hydraulic fruit press is a force-fed pressing machine, which can produce an increased pressing pressure because it works on the hydrostatic principle. It can be used wherever it is necessary to exert a strong pressure sustainably and evenly on a pressed material on a path between about 30 to 90 cm. Because hydraulic presses are flexible and even easier to set up than mechanical presses, they are even popular in smaller fruit processing plants.
Because the hydraulic press brings a juice yield, which is several percent higher than the juice yield, which can provide a highly powered spindle press. The screw press usually produces no more than 65% juice yield, a hand-hydraulic must press can bring out about 70% juice. Although it has slightly higher cycle times, a press run takes longer from start to finish than a screw press, but these additional minutes can be filled in all non-automated operations usually well with ancillary work.
Hand-hydraulic fruit presses are offered with basket contents of about 100 to 350 liters and are available for prices from about 900, - to 2.500, - € to have your fruit processing project should therefore have a certain size, so that the use of these devices is worthwhile.
This hydraulic power can also be assisted by an electric motor, but this is probably worthwhile only if you have seriously gone under the fruit growers, because the contents of these pressed press basket contents are between 210 and almost 500 liters, and you have for such a press between 4,000, - and 7.500, - Euro cost estimate.

Must press with water pressure
The alternative to the hydraulic press is the hydro press, which is suitable for quick and easy juicing of ground pomaceous fruit, grapes and berry mash. By connecting to a water pipe that has 2 to 4 bar water pressure (which applies to any normal household water pipe), it creates a high pressure of up to 20 tons. It achieves a juice yield of 70%, and some percent more is possible with optimum preparation of the material to be pressed, leaving little pomace. The cycle times are similar to those of the hand-hydraulic fruit press, the handling and cleaning is basically just as easy.
The advantage of the hydro presses is that they are offered for really all processing volumes, starting with the household hydro press, which processes up to 5 liters at a time. The commonly used hydraulic presses are offered with a basket content of 20 to 450 liters. This means that for a hydro press you can spend just over 100, - €, but also 7,000, - €, so you will definitely find exactly the hydro press that suits your personal needs.
Dealer & manufacturer of hydraulic presses / hydraulic presses
The household size hydraulic press is available at the Kellereibedarf Knopf GmbH in 1140 Vienna,, Karl Bockmeyer Kellereitechnik GmbH from 72622 Nürtingen offers a selection of hydro presses with a processing capacity of 20 liters or more., Water pressure presses, hand-hydraulic and electrohydraulic fruit presses of all sizes are sold by Motorgeräte Fischer GmbH from 77933 Lahr, Germany., Here you will also find other Kellereikleingeräte, meters, fruit juice and all sorts of containers for your juice, z. As juice kegs made of plastic or stainless steel.
Editorial tips

  • If you are not sure whether the water press or a hydro press is the better choice, ask your local mill to find out which presses are working there and what their experiences are.
  • There you may also get to know the third type of must press, which is basically in use: the packing press, previously used only in huge factory halls, today also available as a desktop device.
  • If it is absolutely important to you, the highest possible juice yield from the apples of a rare variety z. For example, you should also consider the timing of juice extraction, one day of mash time to increase the juice yield by a few percent (but entails risks, the mash may not accumulate with bacterial herds).

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