Mother's Day and its history

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On Mother's Day, you will be rewarded with nice surprises, such as a trip with the family or a nice meal. Little children make something beautiful for the mother, adults visit the mother and bring a bunch of flowers.

This custom is celebrated almost worldwide, but not always on the same day. The Mother's Day in its present form was influenced by the American Anna Jarvis: On May 9, 1907 - it was the second Sunday of the month - she distributed 500 white carnations to the mothers in front of a church. The occasion was the second anniversary of her mother's death.
This gesture moved the women so much that they persuaded Anna Jarvis to repeat the whole thing the following year. Anna Jarvis did more than that: she launched a campaign to introduce an official holiday in honor of the mothers. It was a resounding success: Just two years later, Mother's Day was celebrated in 45 states in the USA.

The first German Mother's Day

A few years later, the wave spilled over to Germany. The first German Mother's Day was celebrated on May 13, 1923. It was the Association of German Flower Shop Owners who advertised the "Day of Flower Wishes" with posters depicting "Ehret die Mutter". Even today, flowers are the best-selling Mother's Day gift - even Valentine's Day can not keep up. No wonder, then, that the florist associations are looking forward to this holiday.

Florist with tulips

Flowers are the most popular gift for Mother's Day

By the way, the associations were also setting the date for Mother's Day: the second Sunday in May should be. They also enforced that the florists may have opened exceptionally on Mother's Sunday. Since then, kids can buy flowers at the last minute if they forget Mother's Day.

Too much commerce?

Incidentally, Anna Jarvis was not at all happy about the turn of events: the enormous commercialization of the day did not correspond to her basic idea. With the same zeal with which she had championed the founding of Mother's Day, she now proceeded against him. But on the day of remembrance could not be shaken anymore. It was not enough that she ended up in jail for disturbing a Mother's Day celebration - she even lost all her fortune in the fight against the holiday she had founded. In the end she died poorly.
Commerce or not: Every mother is happy to receive at least one call for Mother's Day. And since every woman is happy about every occasion about flowers, it can not hurt to present a bouquet to her own mother on this day. He can certainly be from his own garden.

Red roses

A bouquet of red roses is also a classic for Mother's Day

This is how the flower bouquet lasts especially long

Freshly cut the stems of the cut flowers with a sharp knife before placing them in the vase. Make sure that the lower leaves are not in the water, because this promotes the spread of bacteria. They clog the cable paths and hinder the water absorption. A drop of lemon juice in flower water lowers the pH and slows down the multiplication of bacteria. Cut flowers last the longest if you change the water every two days and recut the stems each time.

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