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Those who like to organize garden parties, have plenty of room to play with summer mottos to give their party guests an unforgettable night. A matching deco completes the picture and forms a harmonious backdrop.

Motto ideas for garden parties: your

Colorful lanterns bring festive mood in the garden

Summer parties with slogans not only make party and holiday moods come of age, they also make planning easier. Once you have found a nice topic, this can and should be taken up in decoration, food and the appropriate party outfit - so indecision has no chance. Involve your guests in the theme design and let yourself be surprised how creatively your guests implement the motto.

Beach on the doorstep

Beach party

Flower necklaces and cocktails are fun on a beautiful summer day

Very classic and always beautiful: The Beach Party is a popular motto for summer parties, which you can vary according to your needs. Whether the North Sea beach, the Mediterranean or Surferbeach - surprise your guests with a creative beach idea. For a beach party, you have best covered with your accessories on your last vacation: shells, starfish and Hawaiian flowers should dominate your deco. Combine sand from the hardware store, deck chairs, matching music with Caribbean sounds or a CD with the sound of the sea and beach-suitable cocktails.

Decoration tips for the perfect celebration

At a moonlight party extravagant torches and lanterns are in the foreground of the party decoration, while at a pool party paddling pool, flip-flops, fancy swimwear, swimming rings and palm trees are not to be missed. Summer destinations such as Spain, Italy, France or California are the ideal way to put your guests in the holiday mood. For your motto, it's best to choose a country that you know well or a destination that you've always wanted to travel to. If your motto is a holiday destination, flags, arrangements with country-specific snacks, matching music, funny hats and typical travel gifts complete the decoration. For a special fun wigs or beards provide for sticking for the guests.

Rural idyll


Glittering glasses and rustic dishes are perfect for the Midsommar celebration

For the party in the garden is also an idyllic theme, such as rural Italy or ancient Greece. Lay out couches instead of chairs, spread sheets as toga and olive branches and hand out grapes and spiced red wine. Snacks with sheep's cheese, olives, baked aubergines, zaziki and lamb should be on the table here. Also a Scandinavian Midsommar festival with white dresses, floral wreaths, colorful ribbons, dancing and singing is fun for everyone. There's Tunnbröd, Köttbullar, herring and cinnamon rolls.

Pure exotics


Banana leaves and fruits serve as decoration for the Hawaii party

If not already on the next vacation, then you can wander at least mentally into the distance. How about, for example, with Asia or Hawaii? Whether a romantic moonshine party or a refreshing pool party: Not only in the mottos, but also in the decoration you can let your imagination run wild. Asian-style décor from fans to paper umbrellas to kimonos is available in accessory and gift shops. Finger foods such as spring rolls, wontons, baked prawns, hearty sate skewers and sake are part of the Asian buffet. For the Hawaiian party decorate your banquet with exotic fruits, banana leaves and fresh flowers. Present your guests with a flower necklace and colorful beach towels as a welcome gift.

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