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A mourning candle is usually a pillar candle, which is provided with ecclesiastical symbols, psalms or even pictures. They can be decorated with crosses or folded hands and express their own grief.
With the aid of the light, the flame, one remembers the exuberant life, which usually ended much by accident. It is hard to deal with the loss of a loved one. A mourning candle should help to channel the pain and the fear and thus find a way back to life. Many mourners have the feeling that the deceased are suddenly hushed up and want to point out with a mourning candle that this life exists and has left its mark on their own lives.
A mourning candle can also be presented as a souvenir or gift. Often she says so much more than a dumb handshake or a speechless silence. It's hard to understand what a mourner must carry in his heart and soul. On the one hand he has to deal with the loss, on the other hand he has to cope with the anger. It is not easy to understand that death is part of life. Often, such a spell appears rather than hollow. It just does not help the mourners. But a mourning candle can help to slowly but surely say goodbye to the deceased. A candle gives warmth and a touch of security. Through the warm glow, she can give comfort and confidence, without being obtrusive.
Many survivors put a mourning candle in front of a picture of the deceased, thus demonstrating the bond that extends beyond death. They show that the dead have left their lives but not their hearts. In this way, they can demonstrate that the dead still take part in their lives, that they have not been forgotten overnight. You can already buy a mourning candle or design it yourself. She can stand at the funeral feast on the table or on the cupboard in front of a picture of the deceased.
A mourning candle is also suitable to light it on the death of the deceased and to experience the memories of him intensively. So you can enjoy the feeling of the presence of your beloved partner or child intensively. A selfmade mourning candle is quite easy to make. Usually one can order sets or purchase in the store, with which one can arrange a mourning candle after instruction itself. In this way, one can be one step closer to the deceased and start the intensive mourning work.
Many people go to church to light a candle and pray for the well-being of their loved ones. It is similar with a mourning candle, only that this is a candle for a very special person. With it one can pray for God's well-being, salvation and carefree way. It stands for a single, a very specific life and was chosen with much love, understanding and affection. This one candle is very personal and thus very individually selected for a specific person. The mourning candle thus facilitates the farewell of a man and stands for both the transience and the new beginning.

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