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There is a mouse trap then faster, above all, the mouse has the chance to survive. This, however, only in a live trap, which can also be easily built yourself. Only a few things needed:

  • A tall vessel such as a glass or flowerpot
  • Two wooden slats
  • duct tape
  • Baits, such as cheese, sausage or the like

The vessel is placed with the opening facing up to where the mouse was seen. Of course, the mouse can not run up a glass or flower pot, so with the two wooden slats, a way up should be built. The best way is not to steep, this can be avoided if the wooden slats are set up in L-shape. Fix these with the adhesive tape. Then put the bait in the high vessel, because without it, the mouse will not be able to go up.
The mouse is stuck
Once the mouse has taken the weather, this will go the way to the end. It then falls into the vessel and can no longer run along the smooth wall. Thus, this festival sits and can then be set outdoors again. But it also gets easier, it depends on where the mouse is. Because it is important that the mousetrap is placed where the mouse is. Otherwise, even a purchased trap does not use anything, because this must also smell the delicious food. But most of all, mice do not like cheese, as they say, but they are addicted to chocolate. Since the addiction goes through with the mice and any caution is forgotten, if this only comes to the delicious chocolate.
A bucket and a wooden bar are enough too
The bucket should be placed in such a way that it stands at a raised position, such as a staircase. The wooden stick may not be too long and, above all, not too heavy. The rod is then placed on the bucket so that it is approximately in the middle. The other end must not be too long, so that the rod does not fall into the bucket. Now just a little yummy food, like chocolate in the bucket. The mouse will then run up the bar, always the delicious smell in the nose. When it arrives at the other end of the bar, it gives in and the mouse has its chocolate. But their freedom does not have them for the time being. So the mouse can also be exposed outdoors again and the apartment is again free of mice. Especially if it is more than just a mouse, the chocolate can be melted. Then take a lid off a drink and pour in the liquid chocolate. So a mouse can not feed the trap empty, because it does not simply come to the bait.
It is always important to have a tall container
What the trap should look like is up to you, but it must be a tall and smooth vessel. Of course it is also important that the mouse has a way, otherwise the mouse can not get to the opening. Everyone has most things in the household and does not have to go to a hardware store. Thus, the self-built mouse traps are also still cheap and if they are properly positioned additionally outbreak proof. Therefore, it is important that the way is built so that it does not accidentally fall into the trap. Of course, then the mouse will free and if possible, of course, still eat the bait. Even if a mouse falls into a deep bucket, it will not get hurt. This is important to many people. The mouse should just not live to sublease, as this is of course not housebroken and nibbling on everything.
To build a very simple and fast mouse trap, only two things are needed. A small box, for example a shoe box and a salt stick. The crate is turned over and the salt stick is used to make the crate tilt. If the mouse now the salt stick

which stands inside the box, the salt bar falls over. The mouse is now stuck under the box. Of course, then the box must be carefully closed, that the captured mouse can not escape. Another type is again a box, a string, a thin pin and some tape. The cord is tied firmly around the pen with one end. Then the cord is cut off so that it is stuck a few inches over the open edge with tape. The box is placed with the opening at the bottom. While doing so, place the cord as slightly raised as possible in the middle. Place the pin under the edge of the box so that it is then open at an angle.
Put the food under the string
In order for the trap then also snaps, the bait must be placed under the string. Now comes the mouse and wants to feed, this moves the string and the pen is falling over. Of course, the mouse also lives here and can then be exposed again afterwards. Even if these animals were then caught, they are absolutely not suitable as pets. So always put the captured mouse outside, otherwise it dies in captivity.
Worth knowing about mousetraps soon Mice, like rats, are carriers of disease, which is a good reason to fight rodents efficiently. Mousetraps are available in different versions. If you do not like the dead animals, you can better use so-called life traps:

  • These are small, sturdy cages, with a fixable flap on one end.
  • This end is provided with a special hook where you can attach bait material.
Since mice are not really picky, there are no limits to the imagination: From grapes, to bread, to sweets, you can fix pretty much anything here. The little mice are not only constantly hungry, they are also curious, so they will sooner or later try to get at the food. But they have to enter the cage.
  • As soon as they begin to pluck the bait, the trap closes and the mouse sits in the cage.
  • The trapped mice can then be brought outside and released outdoors, perhaps not right on the doorstep.
  • That almost seems like a very personal invitation. This method of catching the mouse is certainly the gentler method, if not the most effective.
The other type of mousetrap is the most common trap-trap, where the mice are mostly found dead. This is the more brutal method, but absolutely effective, since a dead mouse can neither come back, nor can it produce offspring. Whether you use poison baits or mousetraps, you should always make sure that these are out of reach for children and pets out of reach or set up. Poisoning, and / or risk of injury!

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