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Always remove grass residues with a hand brush

To maintain the life of a lawnmower, it must be maintained. But this alone is not enough, so you should the Clean the lawnmower before putting him off for the winter season.

We explain step by step how to proceed.

It is often observed that a high-pressure cleaner is used. But this, like the use of a garden hose, damages the bearings and the carburettor as well as the electronics, provided it is an electric lawnmower.

Step 1 - Remove grass residue

So you should first remove the grass with a hand brush when cleaning. But please be careful with the knives, here you have to be careful, they are sharp.

Step 2 - Clean with a damp cloth

Then you should take a wet cloth and piece by piece clean the lawnmower.

Step 3 - Remove stubborn encrustations with a knife

Persistent encrustations of lawn and dirt can be removed with a knife. Never treat the electronics with water, otherwise the electrical engineer will be happy.

Step 4 - Clean the bearings with bone oil

If you want to clean the bearings, you can take bone oil, because it cleanses as well as nourishes and repels moisture.

Step 4 - Rinse the grass catcher with water

Only the grass catcher can be sprayed with water, but it should also dry properly.

The mower may only be cleaned and stored in a closed room during the winter so that it can be fully operational again in the coming year.

Video Board: Adding Sea Foam to lawn mower fuel + intake cleaning with Sea Foam Spray.

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