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A lawn or a piece of lawn can be found in any garden or on any plot of land with a detached house. And a lawn can look very different.
There is, for example, the ornamental lawn, which contains no other plants, so is completely free of wild grasses or weeds, on the other hand, there is the ünormalenü lawn, as it probably have the most, which may also have grasses, dandelions, daisies and other plants and then there is the wild meadow, which is created to bring a piece of wilderness into the yard. The wild meadow is not mowed, all highest edited now and then with the scythe. The other meadow species are maintained. And at the top of the care list is mowing the lawn. For the ornamental lawn or the lawn on a golf course, it is very important that he never grows beyond a certain height and accordingly high the effort. The normal lawn, however, is mowed if the gardener sees fit or if the laws force him to do so.
Mow regulations for lawn
In fact, there are local statutes that specify what a farm should look like and in most cases it is forbidden to let the meadow grow wild. This is a question of public perception and therefore regulated by law. But of course it does not come to that, because every gardener and every homeowner wants to feel comfortable on his farm. So he mows the lawn. But again, there are legal regulations, because the lawn mowing is a noise pollution for others. Therefore, there are times when it is prohibited.
When the lawnmower may be used, derives from the Eighth order to implement the Federal Immission Control Act of 13 July 1992, the so-called "Lawn Mower Regulation". This regulation applies to motor-driven lawnmowers and first determines which emission levels may not exceed the noise of the lawnmowers. The regulation is therefore aimed first of all at the manufacturers and distributors of such machines.

Lawn mowing on Sunday?

But the regulation determines even more, and that concerns us all: It also says when the lawnmower may be used. And in this regard, the following times and guidelines are set:
  • The prohibition times, that is, the times in which the device must be off, are working days between 19.00 and 7.00 clock.
  • On Sundays and public holidays may also not be mowed.
Exception to the rule
By way of derogation from this rule, lawn mowers may be operated between 7 pm and 10 pm on weekdays and are marked with a sound power level of less than 88 decibels. As far as the nationwide general regulation applies. Of course, this regulation also allows for more rest periods. Countries and municipalities can decide that themselves and in many places such regulations have already been issued. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to first ask for community statutes and city ordinances, before you get the grudge of fellow human beings and possibly even punishable. If you stick to these times, you're on the safe side.
There is one more important question left: which lawn mower works best?
Of course you also need the right device for lawn mowing. And there the offer is very big. There are petrol and electric mowers and even the opinions differ, which is probably the better for your own garden. It should be made clear, however, that both have advantages as well as disadvantages.
Electric or petrol lawnmower?
Electric lawn mowers, for example, are quieter and thus more gentle on the nerves. They are also lighter and virtually maintenance free. Smaller models are great for small lawns, some of which are also winding. However, the power cord is a bit annoying, because you are constantly careful that you do not over drive and thus destroyed. Even with taller grass, the electric mower has its problems. In contrast, the gas mower has no problems with it. Petrol mowers are generally stronger and usually have larger cutting widths. Gasoline mowers are also better suited for downhill gradients, as there are also some with driven wheels. For larger areas, they are better suited, because you work independently of the mains and do not need an infinite number of cables. However, petrol mowers are much louder and less manoeuvrable.
Overall, one can say:
  • For small fields and gardens the electric mower is better suited and for large, uneven surfaces it is better to use the petrol mower.
  • Ride-on mowers are the largest version of petrol mowers, but their use only makes sense from a total area of ​​800-1000 square meters. For smaller areas, neither the high price nor the maintenance costs are worthwhile.

Tips for correct mowing

If you have found the right mower for your purpose, then you can start. In the spring, the first cut and thus begins the mowing season, because then you should regularly mow the lawn. The clippings should always be removed, otherwise there is a risk that the lawn matted by the dead material. After the first or second cut in the spring, it is advisable to additionally scarify the lawn, as this will cut open and loosen the existing turf and also improve the soil quality. The felt must be taken away afterwards. In this way, we have also prevented the spread of weeds something.
With the mowing you start at the edge of a surface and then works in strips, slightly overlapping. When the area is mown, there are still the edges that are inaccessible to mowers, such as rockeries, bushes or walls. This is best done with a grass trimmer. The grass trimmer cuts the grass off with a nylon thread that turns at a very high speed. This is the ideal way to cut the lawn in all the left-over corners.
If you regularly mow and care for your garden, you will enjoy it and create a beautiful eye-catcher in the garden.
Lawn mow during lunch time?
Lawn mowing is a necessary activity for most garden owners, but unfortunately this is associated with quite high noise levels. Again and again there are arguments with the neighbors because of the noise of the lawn mower.
Even the courts have to deal with it.
Therefore, it is laid down by law (Noise Protection Act) when may be mowed and when not. Between 19-7 clock no engine or petrol lawn mower may be used. Just like on Sundays and holidays. Exceptions are hand lawn mowers and lawn mowers, which are advertised as low noise. This means that the mowers should not exceed 60 decibels. Therefore, it is in the sense of good neighborliness to observe certain rest periods. Even if the legal midday rest was abolished, it is still a matter of courtesy and the goodwill to abide by certain regulations.
However, if the house rules prescribe certain periods of rest, the tenant or homeowner must abide by these rules. Changes should be made to meetings, if deemed necessary. In some places, the siesta is also recorded in the municipality regulations, and then it must be kept to it.
The next question would be, of course, whether it is worth mowing the lawn in the hottest time of the day. Apart from the noise, it is not always healthy to walk in the blazing sun and cut the lawn.
If the law is violated again and again, the public order office can impose a fine.
Incidentally, it is also not beneficial for the lawn itself to mow it at this time. Ideally you mow the lawn in the morning or in the evening or in the late afternoon. It should also be noted that he must not be too wet.
by Annett Biermann

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