Lawn mowing - when and how often do lawn mowing?

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Cut the lawn

The first cut should be in April, when the grass begins to sprout and the last cut in October, before the lawn then hibernates. In the main growing season, a reel mower may well need to mow the turf twice a week. But who loves a short and well-kept, English lawn, will do so anyway. You should always pay attention to the cutting height and use a collection basket. Under no circumstances should a knife cut too deeply injure the plant. The un-caught grass rots on the ground causing uneven growth and uneven color. In the spring, it is important to remove the moss and to clear the lawn. Fertilization is required. It is recommended to measure the PH value of the soil beforehand in order to buy the right fertilizer and to dose it correctly. This significantly affects the color of the later growing lawn.

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