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Hochst├Ąmmchen are a great invention to put your favorite plants in the limelight. Mostly a rose in the bed or a flowering lantana on the terrace comes to mind. But even among the herbs - especially the Mediterranean - there are amazingly many who like to move up when you point them by cutting the way and offers them a stable support. And in addition to spicy leaves in comfortable harvest height you can often enjoy flowers.
More examples and tips on planting can be found in the April edition of MEIN. We wish you a lot of friends in implementing your new garden ideas.

Herbal Stem in best company

Carefully drawn by hand, Mediterranean Hochst├Ąmmchen are something special. Underplanted with beautiful spring or summer flowering plants, they may take the best place on the terrace.

Sample herb stems in best company

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Unmatched flowers

In spring, the wisteria enchants with long, fragrant flower clusters. On a pergola or as a fa├žade jewelery the mighty climbing plant comes into its own.

Reading excerpt Wistering

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Romantic look for your terrace

Placed in delicate colors and rich in flowers, seating is wonderfully inviting and atmospheric. Let yourself be inspired by our magical sceneries.

Leseprobe Romantic look for your terrace

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Create a bed properly

When used properly, perennial plants do little work and provide years of enjoyment. Join us in the diverse world of perennials. We will show you how a 10 meter long and 50 centimeter narrow strip can be planted on the edge of the property.

Create a sample of perennial beds

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Favorite vegetables fresh from the bed

Delicate green asparagus spears are easy to cultivate. This also applies to the version with violet shell. A little effort is worth it: once laid out, the asparagus bed can be used over many years.

Leseprobe favorite vegetables fresh from the bed

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