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Some plants have probably had some bad luck with the award of their name. Because they looked similar to other, more well-known specimens, but nevertheless formed an independent botanical group, they were presented with the unflattering syllable "Schein". For example, poppies and cypresses got their names - and also the sham. But this bush completely wrongly leads a shadowy existence next to the much more noted forsythia. In this issue we introduce you to the easy-care spring flower.

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Now it's time to sow

While the garden is still in hibernation outside, clever hobby gardeners are already reaching for the seed bag and are pulling up their favorite plants themselves. A greenhouse is advantageous, but not essential - most sowings succeed on the bright windowsill. The best flower and vegetable novelties as well as practical sowing accessories will be shown in the February edition of MEIN.

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Luckily, there are primroses

When their heyday begins, pretty eye-catchers are taken care of. The small flowers spread a good mood, inspire in bed and pot - and surprise with variety.

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Fresh ideas with Bellis

The beloved little ones (Bellis) offer themselves for the whole spring for ever new arrangements, in which the little perennials sometimes enchant as soloists, sometimes in charming company.

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Superfood from your own bed

Nature provides us with a rich supply of healthy plant food. And it's really amazing how much power is in native or exotic berries, herbs and roots.

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