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What could be better than a spring meadow with brightly colored crocuses and bright yellow daffodils! Not only we garden lovers, even the first bees and bumblebees are happy about the flower spectacle. The onion blooms of the Dutch gardener couple Jacobs come into their own in an area where otherwise only grass grows. As a lawn friend, however, one must show strong nerves and resist the temptation to mow the green foliage of the plants immediately after they have withered. Because you have to wait until it has dried up and valuable reserve materials have been stored in the onion - only then there will be a colorful spring meadow again next year.

Creative hobby gardeners appreciate the flexible shoots of the pasture. If you get a bundle now, you can simply tie wreaths and decorate them with horn violets. Or you dare to think of a woven basket: in our February issue we show how it is done.

Spring desire in the garden nursery

For Dori and Henk Jacobs, spring is the most beautiful season - and they celebrate this in March with a flower festival in their nursery. Mine was allowed to visit her in advance.

Leseprobe spring pleasure

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Lovable horn violets

They are the stars on the spring terrace, because the colorful perennials are extremely charming as soloists or accompanied by onion flowers.

Leseprobe horned violet

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Beautiful from pasture

Vessels and wreaths from the flexible shoots of the pastures inspire us with their natural charm. Pretty spring messengers such as primroses can thus be combined particularly well.

Sample beautiful from pasture

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Season start with beautiful flowering shrubs

Spoiled by the sun, soon many trees and shrubs will open their buds. Whether in the bed or in containers: skillfully placed, they prove their early-bloomer qualities.

Leseprobe flower trees

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Early start to the vegetable season

To move the harvest forward by a few weeks, to protect sensitive vegetables from the cold and to shut out pests - with foil, fleece and mesh one is well prepared for all cases.

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