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Scented geraniums - or, to be more precise, scented pelargoniums - have more delicate flowers than their prominent siblings in the summery flowering window boxes. They inspire with wonderful scent nuances. In the monastery nursery Maria Laach, a large collection of more than 100 different varieties of scented pelargonium is preserved and multiplied with much love and passion. The occupation with the plants has a long tradition there, since the founding of the monastery in 1093 is expertly gardened. In the July issue of MEIN, we will show you the most beautiful varieties and give tips on how to nourish and increase scented pelargonium properly. Who knows, maybe you will discover a new favorite variety there?

Delicately scented geraniums

Our favorites for the summer inspire with their aroma - and some with interesting leaf patterns. Many beautiful varieties of scented geranium are cultivated in the monastery nursery Maria Laach.

Leseprobe Scented Geraniums

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Daisies - a summer love

With bright yellow heads, framed by snow-white petals, the traditional farmer garden flowers are a pretty eye-catcher even in modern flower beds.

Reading excerpt daisies

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Gardening sustainably

An intact environment is a gift - in the garden we can do a lot to protect our natural environment, promote biodiversity, avoid waste and conserve resources.

Leseprobe Sustainable gardening

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A mini-pond for the balcony

Those who do not have enough space for a large water garden can resort to small solutions. The opportunity for our editor Dieke van Dieken to beautify his old zinc tub.

Sample mini-ponds

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Good mood with sunflowers

The large flowers are a symbol of carefree summer days. In vases and pots, they bring color to the patio table and will definitely make anybody smile.

Sample Sunflowers

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