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Enter, bring luck in - more aptly expressing the beautiful way Rosenbogen and other passages connect two parts of the garden and make curious about what lies behind. Our editor Silke Eberhard has put together the best examples for you.
Fittingly, there are the "open garden gate" in many regions in this country. What a wonderful coincidence that also Luise Brenning from Schleswig-Holstein and Michael Dane from Thuringia take part in this initiative and open their refuges for interested garden lovers - of course, the month of June is the ideal time for it.

Come in, bring in luck

In the entrance area and also in the middle of the garden, bows make beautiful passages. In addition to the classic rose arch, there are a number of other ways to create open gates and cleverly connect garden spaces.

Leseprobe passages in the garden

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Well-groomed naturalness for the soul

Many visitors who look at the garden in Aukrug, Schleswig-Holstein, find it very reassuring. This is due to the many shades of green and the finely tuned color worlds that Luise Brenning loves so much.

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Great harvest fun on a small area

Delicious fruit, crunchy vegetables and spicy herbs do not need much space. And for the harvest of sun-ripened tomatoes, spicy peppers and sweet berries, a few large pots are enough.

Lesbrober harvest fun

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Herb hedges - beautiful and spicy

The advantages of bed surrounds from chives, lavender and Co. have been appreciated since the Middle Ages: The fragrant aromatic plants look pretty, keep their neighbors healthy and enrich the herb kitchen when pruning.

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Verbenen - trendy and easy to care for

On sunny terraces or balconies, these colorful sunflowers are now blooming. Their cheerful charm they spray it in pots and planters.

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