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Even the most passionate gardeners need to be patient - it takes time for the newly planted tree to reach a stately size or for the hedge to provide us with privacy. All the more you are looking forward to a quick sense of achievement as in the driving of Amaryllis: Who sets the thick onions of the knight star in the ground in early November, can look forward already at Christmas time over magnificent flowers. Incidentally, the flowers also last a very long time as a cut flower.

Generally, November is considered a dull and gloomy month. Wrong, because statistically speaking, December and January have the fewest hours of sunshine in Germany - November occupies a respectable tenth place in the order of twelve months. So maybe you are lucky and in the late autumn sun there is the opportunity for a cozy chat on the garden bench - a warming plaid can be taken outside.

Wonderful late autumn days

With the right choice of plants and a few tricks succeed wonderful November sceneries. Hoar frost and fog give them the perfect mood.

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Amaryllis: The Winter Queen

In the midst of the winter gray the flowers of the knight star shine, so the highly official name of the beautiful onion flower Amaryllis. If you want to enjoy it, you can buy a plant - or simply drive the onion yourself.

Sample Amaryllis - the winter queen

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Robust groundcover - simply indispensable

Low, fast-growing perennials and woody plants are more than mere fillers in the bed, because their attractive leaves and flowers make them versatile.

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Autumn time is planting time

The autumnal weather is ideal for planting fruit trees. In addition, many nurseries now have a large supply of fruit trees ready. What you have to pay attention to when planting bare trees is shown by our editor Dieke van Dieken.

Extract planting time

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Enchanting autumn treasures

Coarse chestnuts, juicy ornamental apples and colorful foliage: the ingredients for our decoration ideas are only a short walk in November. On cold days, the natural jewels make the house and garden glow.

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