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At some point you get the taste, or rather, the enjoyment, the fragrant flowers, a wild garden pond, fresh fruit and vegetables, singing and trällernde garden residents and so much more. Then it's time for your first little paradise. Whether as allotment garden or small garden, the first small balcony garden or even a whole property with house and garden: everyone started once small.
The first garden is therefore often something very special. Here you can do and leave what you want. Plants, after which a popular and finally experience the beauty of nature very close. "My First Garden" would like to accompany you on this expedition and give advice for the time before and at the beginning of the first garden. Questions like "How can I join a gardening association?" or "How do I start gardening?" will be answered here.
So browse a bit and dare to discover and your own garden. There are many surprises waiting for you.
Because there are many different types of gardens and each one is appealing in its own way. In order to arrange a piece of green according to your own ideas, you do not need to be a professional who deals with the problems of landscaping every day. Much more important is that you bring enough interest and patience, even in your first garden, nature determines the pace and not the person. But before you think about individual plants or design elements, you should first make a fundamental decision on how you want to use your first garden: Should a place of relaxation and recreation be? Or should he offer your children space to play or romp about? Or should he only frame the house as a charming eye-catcher, or would you also like to grow herbs, vegetables and fruits in your first garden? Once you have made this choice, you can design your first garden step by step according to your own wishes.

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