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The narcissus may introduce the category "N" of the Garden-Landscape.com glossary, because it is probably like no other flower for the joy that can give an early in the year appearing sea of ​​flowers in a bed in the garden.
The daffodil is offered for our garden in a rich play of colors, ranging from soft white over white with yellow eyes and red edges to light yellow and rich golden yellow. If the flowering plant gets a sunny spot and you mix the varieties, you can decorate your garden from March to mid-May with the bright spring messengers. All you have to do is put the onions in a well-drained and nutrient-rich soil at a distance of around 15 cm from September to the end of October, so that the tip of the onion tip is about 10 cm below the ground. The daffodil come then several years again, small-leaved varieties you can also like between woody plants and put in the lawn, where they then grow wild.
The daffodil is also called daffodil, and with this name it stands for all plants in our home gardens, which are suitable as seasonal jewelry to enrich the living spaces. There are many plants in our gardens, the components of which we can use for bouquets, other table decorations and decorations such as wreaths, even under other letters of the glossary: ​​In spring, the branches of many shrubs can be driven and then show in the vase green and flowers In summer, the table decoration is arranged in shallow bowls of many flower heads, stones and candles, and in winter bizarre decorations of bare branches and colored materials can be created as desired.
Under "N" you will also find many other entries that deal with key words around the home garden, such as coniferous trees and nude candles and cloves and considerations on whether "Naked in the garden - Good for Health" is. And if you miss a keyword, just contact us.

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