NABU Insect Summer 2018: Join in!

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Studies have shown that the number of insects in Germany has declined significantly. That's why NABU is organizing an insect summer this year - a nationwide hands-on campaign to count as many insects as possible. Be it a fly, a bee or just an aphid - every insect counts!

How does the count go?

Sit for one hour at a beautiful spot in your garden, on the balcony or in a park and make a note of all insects that you discover within this period. Sometimes you have to look a little closer, because many insects live under stones or on trees.
For mobile insects such as butterflies or bumblebees, count the largest number you can see at one time, rather than the total over the entire time frame - to avoid double counting.


The first day peacock eyes can already be discovered in June

Since the NABU only wants to record so-called point messages, the radius in which to count is limited to a maximum of ten meters. If you want to observe in several places, you have to submit a new message for each observation site.
Whether in the garden, in the city, in a meadow or in the woods: By the way, counting is allowed everywhere - there are no restrictions. In this way, it can be found out, namely, which type of insect is particularly comfortable.

Which insects should be counted?

Any insect that you can recognize can be counted. But as the insect world is very diverse, the NABU has identified eight core species that participants should definitely look out for.

For the registration period in June:

  • Peacock
  • admiral
  • Asian cockchafer
  • Hainschwebfliege
  • stone Hummel
  • Lederwanze
  • froghopper
  • Common lacewing

For the reporting period in August:

  • dovetail
  • Little fox
  • common carder bee
  • Blue wooden bee
  • Seven-spot ladybird
  • Streifenwanze
  • Blue-green mosaic dragonfly
  • Green wooden horse

Incidentally, on the homepage of the NABU you will find profiles for all the core types mentioned.

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