Nasturtium planting - So succeed in breeding in the house and sowing in the garden

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Nobody should give up nasturtiums in the garden. Because it not only looks good, it also tastes wonderfully spicy and sells pests.

Nasturtium is getting very wide

The nasturtium is both a ornamental and a useful plant and a real eye-catcher in the garden. In addition, it can be easily planted and is also very easy to care for. So it does not need much to grow vigorously. That's why everyone can plant them in the garden.

If you want to get the nasturtium in the garden, on the balcony or on the terrace, then you have the choice between the cultivation on the windowsill in the house and the sowing in the garden. Which variant you choose, does not really matter. The plants, which are as tasty as they are flowering, thrive splendidly in both methods.

Prefer nasturtium in the house

Nasturtium prefer

From the beginning of February, you can prefer nasturtium on the windowsill in the house. For this you need:

  • Seeds of nasturtium
  • Growth substrate (peat-sand mixture or garden soil)
  • Cultivation pots (diameter approx. 6 cm)
  • Cling film
  • rubber bands

Incidentally, you can buy seeds of nasturtium from the gardening market or online (for example from Amazon). Sometimes they are also offered in the discounter. Just keep your eyes open.

How to do it:

❶ Let the seeds of nasturtium swell for a few hours in water.

❷ Then pour substrate into the seed pots, insert two to three seeds per pot and sprinkle a thin layer of substrate on top.

❸ Then moisten the seeds slightly, cover the pots with plastic wrap and fix them with a rubber.

❹ Now place the pots in a bright place on the windowsill. The room temperature should be between 18 and 22° C.

❺ The germination period of the nasturtium is now about two to three weeks. Keep the substrate moderately moist during this time and supply the seedlings regularly with water later.

❻ After the ice saints in mid-May you can put the nasturtium in the garden. The cultivation in a bucket or balcony box is also easily possible.

Sow nasturtium in the garden

Sow nasturtium in the garden

If you find the cultivation in the house too cumbersome, you can sow the nasturtium from mid-April directly in the field.

How to do it:

❶ Let the seeds swell for a few hours using this method.

❷ Keep a sufficient distance of at least 30 centimeters in the row, because the nasturtium grows strongly in width. Therefore always choose the location wisely, because once planted or planted in the garden, the plants should remain at their location. The nasturtium does not tolerate a change of location.

❸ Lay the seeds in the ground about 3 centimeters deep. Then cover it with some earth and press it a little bit.

❹ Now all you have to do is sprinkle the seeds and keep them evenly moisturized.

This is the right location

Choose a partially shaded to full sun location. The more sunlight the nasturtium gets, the more abundant your plants will thrive. If you choose a shady location, then you have to expect that your nasturtium does not get flowers or flowers only sparsely.

The soil at the site should be permeable and loose. If the soil in your garden is heavily compacted, you can easily optimize it with fresh compost soil and sand.

If appropriate trellis aids such as a fence or a trellis are present, the nasturtium grows easily upwards. When cultivating in the bucket or balcony box can also be achieved with the drooping, flowering shoots sexy optical effects.

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