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If you are just starting your "green thumb" or if your children are interested in planting for the first time, quick successes are very motivating. The vigorous cress plantlet is happy to give even the fresh plant friend this quick success.
You could even say that you or your child would really have to work hard so that the cress seed does not produce a dense green field within a short time.
Buy cress seeds
Cress seeds can be found in the nearest garden shop or in the supermarket, but you can also have the seeds come into the house comfortably. In any case, this is also worth the price if you are so enthusiastic after the first growing trials that you would like to harvest more fresh green more often.
Then you could order for just under 20, - Euro 1 kg cress seed, z. Hans-Jörg Durstewitz eK from 49124 Georgsmarienhütte under, A seed bag usually contains 10 grams of cress seeds and costs between € 0.70 and € 2.30, if you order one kilogram, you have purchased 100 x 10 g, for € 18.99 and not for sums between € 70 and € 230,
Fresh cress seed will remain germinable for 3 to 4 years if properly stored. 10 g is enough for a cress cultivation, which yields between 50 and 100 gram yield. This crop can easily consume a family in one day, 1 kg does not appear as an oversized supply from this point of view.
Sow cress
This seed is now sown, on everything that contains no pollutants, the cress roots provides support and moisture can hold well. If you want, you can of course sow your cress on soil, but it grows just as well on a layer of cotton or kitchen paper or plant fleece. You can also variably handle the documents into which the plant substrate is added. From the flat bowl to the lid of the just consumed glass of gherkins, much can serve as a base.

  • The substrate is moistened well, then you can deploy the seeds and distribute as evenly as possible.
  • If you pour boiling water over your seedbed before sowing, you can be fairly sure that no fungi or fleas will settle.

  • In the next few days you should observe the seeds and spray with enough water, they must neither dry up nor rot in excessive humidity.
  • The seeds will germinate the very next day, after a week or a little bit later the cress plantlets are five to six centimeters high and ready to be harvested.

  • Harvested with a sharp pair of scissors, you just keep the plant pot slightly sloping, so you can cut the crop directly on the bread on request.
Ingredients of cress
There is some evidence that you provide your family with plenty of watercress: Cress contains a lot of vitamin C, vitamin E and some B vitamins, as well as iron, iodine, calcium and potassium. Essential oils and bitter substances aid your digestion and stimulate your metabolism, so increased cress intake can boost your body in the spring. Mustard oils provide the slightly spicy taste of cress, but they are also attributed an antiseptic effect, which is why the cress consumption is recommended even in the days of cold waves.
If you want to lose a few pounds, cress is also a good competitor, it contains less than 20 calories per 100 grams, lots of protein, low carbohydrates and hardly any fat.
So you can use cress
Cress adds a little extra flavor to many types of sandwiches. Cheese sandwiches or sandwiches, but many people also try very different combinations:
  • A simple liverwurst bread with cress and a few drops of sweet and sour chilli sauce is a flavor explosion.
  • You can give cress very well to many salads, everywhere you could imagine mustard as a spice, you can also use cress well.
  • The cress, which is often over-bored and spiced with herbs, peppers the cress, many egg dishes as well.
  • Warm egg dishes are sprinkled with cress after cooking, if you have harvested large quantities, a Kresseschaumsüppchen is really delicious.

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