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The red sun hat (Echinacea) is today one of the most well-known medicinal plants. It comes originally from the plains of North America and was used by the Indians in many complaints and diseases: for the treatment of wounds, for throat and toothache and snakebites. With us, the pretty perennial is only since the beginning of the 20th Century used as a medicinal plant. Especially in autumn, when the flu and cold period begins, many swear on tinctures or teas from the flowers of the sunhat to strengthen the immune system (if there is no allergy to daisy).

In addition to the sun hat, other plants can strengthen our defenses and protect us from viruses or fight them, if it has caught us. Sage, ginger and goldenrod - in our school of medicinal plants, we present these and others, and also call the appropriate recipes. Enjoy the fall, take advantage of the warm and sunny days for a long walk in nature. Because exercise also supports our immune system and makes us fit for everyday life.

Green antibiotics

Many plants have a sophisticated system that protects them from fungi, bacteria, viruses and animal pests. The interaction of many different active ingredients ensures their survival. This has been recognized by folk medicine thousands of years ago and uses antibiotic herbs and spices to prevent disease.

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Vitamin C donor rosehip

Rosehips are exceptionally rich in vitamin C. This has commonly earned them the reputation of being the "Orange of the North". The comparison with the tropical fruits is even understated.

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10 tips for weather sensitivity

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Home remedy onion

"Has seven skins, bites all people," it is said in the vernacular. But onions not only make our eyes tears. They also contain a lot of healing agents.

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Have fun with healthy food

Health is not just about genes, exercise and sleep. Rather, it is also dependent on a balanced diet. It's not just about what you eat, but how you eat. Internist Anne Fleck explains what matters, how to prevent illnesses or even cure them with the right nutrition.

Read Healthy Eating

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