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If you want to make a contribution to nature conservation in your own garden, you should implement the first measures as early as spring. In April many animals have already awakened from hibernation, are in search of food and the birds are starting to build nests. Now it is important to provide them with shelter and food sources. How nature conservation succeeds in your home garden, read here.

More nature conservation through close-to-nature garden design

With a natural garden design you automatically provide more nature conservation. Because a garden with a large variety of species, insect-friendly plant selection (bee pastures) and low soil sealing is a perfect habitat for animals. Waterholes are not only a visual benefit, also from an ecological point of view, the creation of a garden pond is important for nature conservation in the home garden. April is also a good time to take care of the lawn. In the natural garden, put more emphasis on a flower meadow instead of a golf turf. All it takes is a small part, on which you can plant a wildflower mixture, for example, and which is rarely mown to make many animals in your garden happy. And the most important thing: Do not use pesticides!

flower meadow

A wildflower meadow is a land of milk and honey for bees, bumblebees and butterflies

Provide shelter to animals

In April, most garden owners begin to revamp their garden from the ground up. Do not overdo it! For more conservation you should leave some corners to the animals in it. Here and there a pile of leaves, some dead wood or a few loose stones serve as insects and birds as well as mammals as a protective shelter. Insect hotels, which you can either build yourself or purchase in stores, are now also being rebuilt.

Targeted feeding

Some animals are happy about targeted feeding, yes, are even dependent on it. For example, hedgehogs can help you with a bowl of water or some food. For food, meat-containing dog or cat food has been proven, they can offer the spiny garden dwellers but also hard-boiled eggs, bran or oatmeal. So you can recharge your batteries after the winter in April.

Hedgehog and cat on food bowl

What your cat tastes tastes the hedgehog in your garden

Set up nesting boxes and nesting aids

So-called nesting boxes and nesting aids are important breeding grounds for many native birds, bats, bumblebees or earwigs, as their natural nesting sites are becoming less and less. You can also build these yourself with some manual skill or buy them in the trade. Set them up in a sheltered and quiet place in the garden. So you do not only do something good for the animals, you benefit at the same time from the numerous beneficials that attract you in this way in your garden. The mentioned earwigs, for example, are natural enemies of aphids.
Another tip: Do not remove all caterpillars from your garden while gardening. They are - especially in the spring - important sources of food for birds such as the blue tit or the great tit, as they feed their offspring.

Attention at composting!

Many hobby gardeners bring compost in the spring to provide their plants with nutrients and to allow them an optimal start to the new garden season. But watch out! Some animals spend the winter in a compost heap and may still be in it in April. Be careful when removing them to avoid hurting hedgehogs, frogs, mice or other animals.

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