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If nature conservation is important in your own garden, you will be able to arrange water troughs for the animals this August. Given the prolonged drought and the high heat this year, the animals are particularly dependent on our help.

Water troughs for more conservation in the garden

In the local garden, nature conservation can be easily implemented in August by setting up water troughs. The extremely dry and hot summer of 2018 makes it difficult for insects as well as birds and small game animals such as hedgehogs or squirrels.
For example, bees need enough water to feed their offspring and cool the hive. As a water trough is a simple bowl filled with water, which (important!) Has landing areas for the flying insects. You can use flat stones that stick out of the water just like pieces of wood or halved corks that float on the surface of the water.
So that the nature conservation does not reverse to the opposite, the water troughs must be cleaned regularly and thoroughly. In the case of bird baths germs and bacteria spread very quickly, especially salmonella and trichomonads, which are even life-threatening for the animals. Do not use chemical cleaners or disinfectants, only boiling water. This kills the pathogens and leaves no residue. In addition, you should keep the water in the potions always fresh and change frequently.
Another tip: Set up the water troughs in your garden so that you can watch the animals drinking. You'll be surprised who shows up soon.

Construction material for nesting birds


For the protection of nature you should take into account in the garden on swallows that still nest in August

While some migratory birds like swifts or swallows are already making their way back to Africa in August, other birds are still nesting or nesting again. Quiet and slightly messier corners with leaves, deadwood or grass clippings provide in each garden for more conservation: they serve insects as a shelter and provide the birds still fresh building material for their nests. If you water them a bit, for example while watering your garden, the birds will find the mud that is most suitable for repair work.

Let seeds stand and promote fruiting

Withered flowers are generally cut off in the garden. It would be better for nature conservation, at least to let some of them, so they can seed. The seeds of the wild card (Dipsacus), the lavender (Lavandula) or the patagonian verbena (Verbena bonariensis), for example, taste very good. In addition, many plants develop flowering stages after flowering, which are also an important food source. The berries of the ivy last a very long time and are a great winter food. Rosehip roses, barberries (Berberis) or dogwood (Cornus) provide valuable berries.

Before cutting: Check for animals

In August, some cuts are made in the garden. Always make sure before you start cutting whether there are animals such as hedgehogs or birds in the hedge or in the woods. In addition to the mentioned swallow, blackbirds and thrushes also nest and could easily be injured.

Video Board: Harvesting and Using Grass Clippings as Mulch to Conserve Water in the Garden.

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