Making nesting aids for wild bees

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Due to the increasing industrialization, wild bees are finding less and less food supply and suitable nesting sites. With this homemade nesting aid you help the insects to settle in your garden. To keep the wild bees permanently settled in your garden, you should also provide a "balanced meal" of nectar-producing flowers.

Step by step: Make nesting aid for wild bees

Cut bamboo sticks

For the insect hotel you only need a tin can and bamboo sticks

Shorten the bamboo sticks with a hand saw to the length of the can. If you use bamboo sticks of different thickness, this is not a problem, but an advantage. Since the respective wild bees prefer different sized holes as habitat, you thereby offer several species a nesting aid in the can.

Edit bamboo stems

The marrow of the bamboo stems is processed with a chopstick, so that they make a Niströhrchen

Using a stick, carefully push the mark of the bamboo stalk backwards as far as possible. It later serves as the back wall of the Niströhrchens. For continuous hollow stalks, replace the marrow with a small amount of cotton to close the rear opening of the bamboo. Make sure that the holes are clean, smooth, and free from splinters, otherwise the wild bees may easily injure their sensitive wings as they creep backwards.

Bamboo stalks are inserted into the can

The finished bamboo stems are put into the tin

Insert the prepared stalks with the open side forward into the can and find a dry, warm and sheltered place for the nesting aid. A southeast orientated location is ideal for this. Also important: So that the bees find enough nectar and pollen in the garden, as many unfilled flowering plants as possible should grow there.

Why the scissors is not a suitable tool for this

Cutting cracked bamboo

The pruning shears are not an optimal device to cut the bamboo sticks without cracks

Wild bees like it cozy. If the bamboo sticks have cracks, the beneficial insects do not enter the cavities. Shearing with the pruner is quick, but it inevitably causes cracks, which can also cause the wild bees to injure their wings. For the construction of the wild bee hotel, a small hand saw is the better choice. The scissors do a good job of pruning shrubs and roses.

Video Board: Look inside a bumblebee nest.

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