New colors for the spring terrace

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There is still time for the first plantings on the balcony and terrace. But take a little time to plan and for a first preselection of your favorite plants.

New colors for the spring terrace: colors

BONBON COLORS WITH GOOD-LAUNE EFFECTIn the blue and pink planters all spring blooms of rank and name have gathered: Pansies in various purple patterns, white bellis, orange tulips and blue forget-me-not. Especially trendy: the pistachio green of the furniture.

New colors for the spring terrace: blue

Fierce colors WELCOME THE FIRST SUNNY DAYSThe planting is perfectly matched to the orange basket. At the very front the enchanting primrose 'Bellarina Nectarine' with filled flowers, behind it single-colored pansies and yellow-pink gold lacquer.

New colors for the spring terrace: colors

A BASKET FULL OF DELICATE FLOWERThe delicate net Iris (Iris reticulata) in the blue Spankorb often opens its blooms already in February. They exude a delicious violet fragrance. As companions, the onion flower pink Bellis were planted at their feet.

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