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A narrow, concrete block edged bedding extends between the house wall and walkway. Except for a boxwood and a few perennials in the border area, it is broke. High time for a nationwide redesign.

Proposal 1: roses and flowering shrubs

Roses show what they can, even in small bed situations. The dark pink shrub 'Zaide' in front of the window adds a great accent with lush, filled flowers. At the upper level, near the entrance, the crimson shrub rose 'Falstaff' exudes its scent.

Blossoms and roses

Our first design idea is dominated by flowering plants and roses

The structure in the front yard is made of four rectangular beet edging made of boxwood. In three beds climbs a pink-white flowering alpen clusters of blue glazed obelisks. The small flowers look magical from April to May and during the after-flowering in August. In a mini-bed in front of the sidewalk, the white bed rose 'apple blossom' may spread. With her overhanging growth she fills her place well.
The remainder of the area conquer perennials such as white Gerta (Gaura) and purple catnip and lavender. The pink foxglove, which blooms early in the summer, towers above the other perennials and, with its pinkish flowers, fits in wonderfully with the rest of the plants. A narrow path of gravel and natural stones leads through the bed and facilitates care work.

Suggestion 2: Easy-care front garden bed

If you want to keep your little garden in front of the house with a restrained, but noble, we recommend evergreen plants and those with great white flowers.

Front garden bed with evergreen plants

Our second design idea is an easy-care garden with evergreen plants

Already in April the white scented flower balls of the evergreen scented snowball shine. At the left end of the bed, the azalea 'Oxydol' opens its yellow flowers in yellow at the beginning of May. In between, the white umbrella spikes of the loquat appear in May / June. From June, the white ball-flowers of the garden hydrangea 'Soeur Therese' will be added. Yellow-flowered lady's mantle, which is distributed over a large area in the bed, forms a calm background.
With their midsummer flowering, yellow daylilies set another highlight in the new front yard. Lamprey grass tuffs peak in autumn and harmonize with beech cones in winter, especially when covered with a thin layer of hoarfrost. An almost continuous boxwood hedge limits the bed. With the pruning of books and shrubs in spring, most of the care is already done.

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