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Every day new books are published - keeping track is almost impossible. MYS scours the book market for you every month and introduces you to the best works around the garden. The books can be ordered directly from Amazon online.

Old perennial treasures

Book tip: Old perennial treasures

You want to know everything about historical perennials and consider cultivating ones in your own garden? Then this is your book!

Historic apple or rose varieties have found their lovers years ago. They ensure that the plants continue to be preserved. But even among the perennials, there are real treasures. Dieter Gaißmayer and Frank M. von Berger have dedicated a book to them. They tell about the development of perennial breeding and introduce well-known collectors and gardeners. In detailed portraits the plants and their respective cultural history are described as well as hints for the use and care of the varieties in today's garden.
Order this book from Amazon: "Old Perennial Treasures: Rediscover and Use Proven Species and Varieties"; Ulmer Verlag, 288 pages, 39,90 Euro

Gardens with grasses and perennials

Book tip: Gardens with grasses and perennials

Garden designs with grasses and flowering plants: Everything about the layout and design as well as detailed portraits of the typical style of the plants

A garden that looks attractive all year round and does relatively little work - that is the ideal that many have of their property. With a good planning and plant selection, with the focus on grasses and perennials, the wish can be realized. Using various sample gardens, Ute Bauer explains how the idea of ​​so-called prairie beds can best be implemented. It also presents the best grass and shrub species for this purpose.
Order this book from Amazon: "Gardens with Grasses and Perennials: Wild & Easy Care: Prairie Gardening"; BLV book publisher, 168 pages, 20 euros

Crazy for garden

Book tip: crazy about the garden

Using practical examples, this book shows how to garden with joy and success even under difficult conditions

The two authors Manfred Lucenz and Klaus Bender have collected much practical knowledge about bed design and plant care in over 25 years. In their new book, they introduce ten outstanding German private investments by no less "garden crazy" owners. They tell in detail the history of these gardens, accompanied by numerous atmospheric photos. In addition, the reader receives many useful tips and plant recommendations. A book for those who like to take a look over foreign fences and seek new design ideas for their own green kingdom.
Order this book from Amazon: "Crazy for Garden: Ideas and Experiences of Creative Gardeners"; Callwey Verlag, 192 pages, 29.95 euros

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