New discovery: the strawberry raspberry

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For a long time, the strawberry raspberry (Rubus illecebrosus) originally from Japan had disappeared from the nurseries. Now the raspberry-related shrubs are back and make themselves useful as decorative ground cover. The 20 to 40 centimeters long rods carry large, snow-white flowers at the shoot tip from July to September. From this develop in the late summer bright red, elongated fruits.

In the wild form these taste a bit bland. The new garden cultivation 'Asterix' offers more flavor, less prone to proliferation and is also suitable as a sweet tooth for larger pots and window boxes. For care, one cuts off the shoots in the fall just above the earth. Be sure to wear gloves as the leaves and shoots are spiky. Rubus attracts illecebrosus in winter, but bushes in spring and spreads through subterranean foothills. The strawberry raspberry thrives even in the shade of tall trees still good.
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